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Nigeria’s Chief Bowei accuses Pan Trinbago of illegal proceedings

“FCL Ltd. and Pan Trinbago hold Illegal ATTSDC Shareholders Meeting -
Plan to Claim ATTSDC with Forged Documents Uncovered” alleges Chief Bowei

Update from the News desk of ATTSDC CEO, Chief Bowie S. Bowei

Global -  The following is a release forwarded to When Steel Talks by the office of Chief Bowie S. Bowei, CEO of ATTSDC (Africa-Trinidad & Tobago Steelpan Development Company, Ltd.)

“An illegal meeting was held yesterday at Pan Trinbago’s office with the following in attendance:

“Daniel Lambert, Keith Diaz, Alan Augustus, Richard Forteau and Mobota Jawara.

“All except Jawara are executives of Pan Trinbago while Jawara is the Pan Trinbago/FCL appointed illegal company secretary who is not registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria as Company secretary for ATTSDC. The meeting was designed to hatch a plan to dispossess Chief Bowei of his company ATTSDC whose name alone was changed from Xcel Steelpan Co. Ltd.

“During the meeting, a call was made to Chief Bowei from Keith Diaz, introducing everyone present. Jawara took over the discussion from there informing Chief Bowei that they have documents that show that shares were transferred to FCL and Pan Trinbago by Xcel Steelpan Co Ltd. and based on the powers of majority shareholders, they were passing a resolution to remove Chief Bowei from the company.

“Forged documents (undisclosed at this time) have been discovered and forwarded by attorneys for Chief Bowei with a report to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as well as the Inspector General of Police in Nigeria. It is assumed at this time that these documents were forged by Lambert and Diaz and are being used as their tool for a legal battle as Pan Trinbago has already hired a lawyer in Nigeria.

“Chief Bowie S. Bowei is prepared to fight for what is his with his last breath, and may be dragging Pan Trinbago, FCL, Diaz, Lambert, The Trinidad High Commissioner in Nigeria, The T&T High Commission in Nigeria, The T&T Minister of Foreign Affairs and the T&T Ministry of Foreign Affairs to court both in a criminal and civil suit.

“This wrong step was sponsored by Daniel Lambert through his proposals for restructure of ATTSDC to the T&T High Commissioner in Nigeria.

“Pan Trinbago’s letter [is] attached. All documents from ATTSDC and Chief Bowei at this time will remain classified, for legal purposes.”

Letter from Pan Trinbago (below)
Letter from Pan Trinbago sent to Chief Bowei S. Bowie

Response from Chief Bowei to Pan Trinbago’s letter (below)
Letter Chief Bowei S. Bowie sent to Pan Trinbago in response

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