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Pastiche Steel in Concert

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Another ‘first’ will take place during the International Conference and Panorama (ICP) which will be held in Trinidad & Tobago in August, with the premiere of the Virtual Steelband.

The event, “Pastiche Steel In Concert,” will be held at the Regency Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Trinidad, Port of Spain, on Friday August 7th 2015 at 8:00 p.m.  Pastiche Steel Ensemble, one of Chicago's premier steelbands, will make its maiden appearance as part of the ICP.

The group will showcase its skill and launch the Virtual Steelband, a project showcasing panists from around the world performing together virtually as part of the ICP.

This performance will feature seven Pastiche members: Mia Gormandy (Trinidad and Tobago), Yuki Nakano (Japan), Scott McConnell (Canada/USA), David Aarons (Jamaica), Abe Breiling (USA), Yuko Asada (Japan/USA) and Matt Filosa (USA).  A tour de force in the music world, they are seven of the top panists and musicians from around the world.

Members of Pastiche Steel Ensemble - poster

The panists who make up the Virtual Steelband have recorded themselves playing Professor Liam Teague’s original composition, “Bella Vista.” These recordings were uploaded to the internet and combined by a sound and video engineer to form a collage of videos, which have ultimately become the Virtual Steelband.

This project will be premiered at the Pastiche Steel Ensemble concert with the performance symbolizing the impressive global reach of the steelpan. It is envisioned that the Virtual Steelpan performance will bring the steelband world together and promote the steelpan as well as future collaborations of this nature.

Tickets for “Pastiche Steel In Concert” cost TT $200.00 General Admission, while Conference Attendees will pay TT $175.00.

These are on sale at regular ticket outlets throughout Trinidad including Cleve’s, Crosby’s, Kam’s, WACK 90.1fm (San Fernando) and Pan Trinbago’s Head Office, Park Street in Port-of-Spain.

From the News Desk of Pan Trinbago