No Labor Day Carnival for 2016? Just asking...

More community planning & development without consideration to existing residents and their culture

Far be it from When Steel Talks (WST) to interfere with the affairs of, or have even have the slightest concerns about the welfare of WIADCA (West Indian American Day Caribbean Association). However, ever since the great steel orchestras of Brooklyn erroneously rolled back into the fold of the WIADCA Panorama they somehow have linked their fate to—or believe that it is somehow inextricably associated with—that of WIADCA. In the greatest performing arts and music town in the world - New York, New York - that is indeed a curious if not straight-up lunatic belief to have bought into. Anyway, as we can clearly see some thirteen years after, they passed up on their greatest chance for independence, survival and self-sufficiency.

Rumors have it the steel orchestras have not gotten a prize raise since they ran back to WIADCA looking for deliverance. George Bush sure got it right when he spoke about “voodoo economics.” Either the cost of living in the city has remained the same, or the leaders of New York steel orchestras all have PHDs in this special brand of financing. In reality they were severely taken advantage of because of their immeasurable love of culture, the youths in their organization, community and Pan. It is truly unfortunate the orchestras did not understand their value and true worth both in terms of human skills and equipment assets. The economic, social, cultural and financial capital invested in these organizations by the Brooklyn steelpan community is simply astounding.

Anyway, we have really gone off-course here, but we heard the Brooklyn Steel Orchestras didn’t even get a reverse “selfie” for Panorama. Damm - life has gotten rough being a performing Panorama artist in New York. Right about now, it would be probably appropriate to put on Steel Pulse’s “A Who is Responsible.”  Over the past decade everyone in New York has gotten a stadium or even an island. But not ah thing for the Pan community. In fact the little they had has been taken away from them. Hell, Clinton got Harlem and Hillary and Trump are getting to run for the highest office in the country.

Not to worry. There is new leadership is at the helm of WIADCA so the Pan community may be able to hope for more than their two front teeth for Christmas and a selfie.

We recently noticed a newly-constructed island or median on Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway. Right smack in the middle of where the millions of people move through during the Labor Day Carnival parade. Looks like another serious dose of community planning without the community. In any regard, on behalf of the Brooklyn Pan community, we just want to know if the Labor day Carnival was cancelled this year - or the route was shortened to Utica and Kingston?

And while we’re at it, what’s up with the changing of the name Malcolm X Blvd back to Reid Ave on the sneak-tip. Are we going somewhere? Just asking...

Median / island put in place on Eastern Parkway at the intersection of Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn, New York
Median / island put in place on Eastern Parkway (the route of the annual Labor Day Carnival) at the intersection of Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn, New York

UPDATE:  August 30, 2016 - City Rips Up New Eastern Pkwy Pedestrian Islands For West Indian Day Parade


Eastern Parkway & Kinston Ave, Brooklyn, New York

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