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Address by PS Sinaswee-Gervais at the Pan in the Schools Coordinating Council cheque presentation


March 9, 2016: The following is the feature address delivered by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Angela Sinaswee-Gervais at the Pan in Schools Coordinating Council Cheque Distribution Ceremony at the Mucurapo West Secondary School on March 8, 2016:

Angela Sinaswee-Gervais.
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Mrs. Angela Sinaswee-Gervais. (Photo courtesy


It is my great pleasure and honour to attend this ceremonial handing over of the cheques for the Pan Manufacturing Project on behalf of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education has duly noted the progress that the Pan in Schools Coordinating Council (PSCC) has made in its quest to formally introduce the steelpan into schools. In 2013 an agreement was made between BG Trinidad and Tobago, the Pan in Schools Coordinating Council and the Ministry of Education to implement the area of Steelpan Manufacturing as CVQ in Secondary Schools.

The Pan Manufacturing Project targets music teachers, music students and pan enthusiasts that are recommended by school Principals. Some of the objectives of the programme include enlightening students and teachers of the range of career opportunities in the pan manufacturing sector, exposing them to the history of the instrument and providing them with experience in the manufacturing of the steel pan in an OSH compliant environment.

In 2014, twelve (12) teachers were trained in Pan Manufacturing CVQ Level 1 and upon completion in July 2014; they were all certified by the National Training Agency.

Education is one of the important sectors for the socio-economic development of this country and initiatives like the Pan Manufacturing Project can lead to the development of income generating streams for Trinidad and Tobago. If operated to its ultimate potential it can aid in the progression of the steel pan industry, especially in its exportation; Not only of the instrument itself but the music it produces with new technology.

Currently, there are some dark clouds looming over some of our nationís schools and what a great way to bring a silver lining by allowing students the opportunity to culturally express themselves through the sweet steel pan.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all stakeholders involved in this Steelpan Manufacturing as CVQ in Secondary Schools programme. Without your enthusiasm and dedication, this programme would not have been possible. Today, I am quite pleased to witness the distribution of cheques to three secondary schools for the infrastructural preparation of a sound proof music facility. I sincerely hope that these facilities would be well used and maintained and that our students would continue to learn and continue to take steelpan to the world stage. I am confident that with this programme, the future development and legacy of our national instrument are in safe hands and we are well on our way to producing a generation of composers, arrangers, tuners and players.

I thank you for your attention.

From the news desk of:  The Corporate Communications Division Ministry of Education, Trinidad & Tobago

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