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J’Ouvert City International, Inc. (JCI) 2016 Results


Board of Directors: Yvette Rennie-President, Mangus Scanterbury-Vice-President, Susan Leung Luen-Secretary, Verna Arthur-Treasurer,
George Hunte, Jr.-Public Relation Officer, Kwame Rennie-Operation Officer, Cynthia Green, Member


J’Ouvert City International, Inc. (JCI) extends appreciation and thanks to all Steelband Leaders, Panists, Mas band Leaders, Mas Designers, Masqueraders, Researchers, Judges, Security, Media, United States Steelband Association (USSA), Basement Recordings, Onez Cleaners, Bench Warmers Rhythm Section, and the Nostrand Avenue Merchant Association.

JCI has heartfelt thanks for Mayor Bill De Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Council members Jumaane Williams, Laurie Cumbo, Eugene Matthew, State Senator Kevin Parker, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, State Assembly Diana Richardson, State Senator Jesse Hamilton, Police Commissioner Bratton, Police Commissioner-Designate James O’Neill, Chief Powers & all Police Officers of the 67th South Precinct & 71st Precinct.

J’Ouvert City International's Executive Board takes this opportunity to thank all who helped to make this year’s 'Theatre of The Streets' - “J’Ouvert” - an awesome event. ~~~~THANK YOU THANK YOU~~~~

Condolences to family members who lost loved ones during the celebration. Blessings To All


Winning Fancy Old Mas - Pagwah Mas Band - J’Ouvert 2016 Brooklyn
Winning Fancy Old Mas - Pagwah Mas Band - J’Ouvert 2016 Brooklyn



Despers USA, D’Radoes, Hearts of Steel, Legend Stars, Port Of Spain Pan Groove, Higher Levin
Utopia Pan Soul, Philadelphia Pan Stars, Steel-X-Plosion USA, Tropical Pan Vibes and Pan Liberty

All Data provided by J’Ouvert City International, Inc. (JCI)

STEELBAND 'BOMB' Competition

Results Steelbands Tune Played Points
1st Despers USA I Will Survive 379
2nd Legend Stars Fly Me To The Moon 359
2nd Steel-X-Plosion USA Work From Home 359
4th Philadelphia Pan Stars Eye Of The Tiger 329
5th Tropical Pan Vibes I Will Survive 307
6th Utopia Pan Soul One Dance 305
7th Port of Spain Pan Groove A Song In My Heart 297
8th Higher Levin Love Never Felt So Good 269
8th Hearts of Steel Thinking Out Loud 269
n/a D’Radoes Different Me- Calypso n/a
n/a Pan Liberty Take Over Town - Calypso n/a


Results Steelbands Tune Played Points


Different Me 252
2nd Utopia Pan Soul Scene 229
3rd Legend Stars Old & Grey 225
4th Pan Liberty Take Our Town 222
5th Hearts of Steel Melda 221
5th Steel-X-Plosion USA Temperature 221
7th Despers USA Different Me 213
8th Philadelphia Pan Stars Disco Daddy 203
9th Tropical Pan Vibes Bahia Girl 201
10th White Angels Pan Symphony Take Over Town 190
11th Port of Spain Pan Groove We Come To Take Over Town 178


Natural Expression, Kutters Rhythm, Rhythm Masters,
Spice Isle Rhythm, Steve Massive Rhythm, Sumkinabakanaal

Results Rhythm Bands Points
1st Sumkinabakanaal 321
2nd Rhythm Masters 309

Steve Massive Rhythm

4th Spice Isle Rhythm 276
5th Kutters Rhythm 241


Wendell & Associates, Pagwah, Marabella Boys & Girls, Kendell, 2J & Friends, Roy Pierre & Associates, Legend Stars, Green House Jab Jab, Oildowners, No Sleeping, Hearts of Steel, New York Jab Jab, Barbara & Associates, Dirty Dreamz, Kutters Mas, Carenege United, Paint Army


Results Mas bands Portrayals Points


BLACK - D’Art of J’Ouvert 488

Kendell, 2J & Friends

Soca In D Palace 275
3rd Kutters Silver Aglee 250
4th Marabella Boys & Girls Color Of The Night 242
5th Legend Stars Tye Dye Festival 230
6th Wendell & Associates Splendor of the East 225
---- Roy Pierre & Associates Havana Nights (not adjudicated) ---


Results Mas bands Portrayal Points
1st Oildowners Tea Party In Trump Plaza 428
2nd Dirty Dreamz Work 208
3rd Barbara & Associates Pirate Now Ah Days 180
4th No Sleeping Pirates of The Caribbean 145
5th Carenege United When the Wet was Won 125
6th Paint Army Paint 120


Results Individuals Portrayals Points
1st MALE
Curtis Noel
Black Devil - Pagwah 100
Sandra Bell
Pierrot Grande - Pagwah 100

From the News Desk of J'Ouvert City International

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