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Pan Clash Jam Sunday

First Sunday of each month from April through September 2017
@ The Tabernacle
34-35 Powis Square London W11 2AY

Pan Clash

London, U.K. - Pan Clash Jam Sunday was even better than the organisers from Steel Pan Trust expected on Sunday 3rd April at The Tabernacle W11. The love and unity of pan players coming together to Jam on a Sunday was phenomenal!

This event is a part of Pan Clash, the annual Soloist Competition for young people that has taken place in October since 2007. This year it is celebrating its 10th year - and is an event endorsed by the British MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards since 2012. Last year Pan Clash introduced an under-16 category and the youngest competitor in 3rd place was just 8 years old. It is a great event that includes entertainers as part of the event. David Ijaduola, manager of Eclipse Steelband, is currently the reigning hat-trick champion.

The Director of the Steel Pan Trust Charity, Shareen Gray said, “I have been considering this event for a number of years. The idea was that pan players could come together and have a casual platform to jam and play pan together; like a pan-gym workout. The timing felt right when I approached The Tabernacle Manager Matthew Philips this year, not only did he love the idea, but Tabernacle's bar area had recently been refurbished to accommodate live bands, which was just perfect.”

Pan Clash

The schedule hosts six events in 2017, each on the first Sunday of the month at The Tabernacle between 6:00–10:00 p.m. The first Pan Clash Jam Sunday was on the 2nd April and over 100 people attended. It started out with a collection of members from St. Michael’s and All Angels Steel Orchestra who performed calypso classics and gospel music with the House Band players, Steel Pan Trust Trustees Dan Sadler and Carlene Etienne. From then on it was a mixed affair of Mangrove and Ebony Steelband panists, among others. One of the highlights was a jaw-dropping solo performance from well-known panist Leon “Foster” Thomas in the pop classic ‘Ain’t Nobody.’ The best part of the night was easily the jam to the soca song ‘Full Extreme’, which literally ‘tore the house down.’ There were competitors from October 2016’s Pan Clash from the under-16 category who performed a couple of songs alongside a 7-year old on Double Seconds.

Pan Clash


Pan Clash
Shareen Gray, at left

Shareen Gray says “The event took its own shape, many unpredictable things happened, which was great. I also met a lot of young people who could potentially participate in Pan Clash October 2017, and I hope this event will help to build their confidence to do so. However the event is not just for young people but also for panists generally. What was predicated is that it would be an event for pan players to enjoy playing with each other without any pressure or competition, and I hope to see even more pan players at the next Jam Sundays to come. I was also very impressed with the turnout of the audience who just came to enjoy steelpan music.”


Pan Clash logo

From the News Desk of:
  Steel Pan Trust

For any queries contact:
020 3659 2131


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