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D’Radoes Steel Orchestra - Tempo Pan Yard Version 2017 - Video


Radoes - Full Extreme - New York Panorama 2017 - Pan Yard Recording - Video

Radoes Steel Orchestra - With master Dirk Harewood on the ‘Big Drum’ it was not a good idea for the Evil One and his Witches to mess with D’Radoes Steel Orchestra on this night.

Drill Master Dane Gulston had the orchestra in “Full Extreme” mode as they executed the arrangement of the reigning champion arranger Terrance “BJ” Marcelle. Four in a row was the goal.

And as Dane ‘wukked’ them - Basement Recordings captured 100 Radoes players, ‘live’ in their Canarsie, Brooklyn panyard.

Unfortunately, the Evil Empire would strike back one day later as D’Radoes’ yard would be shut down on the night before what would become the “No-Respect-O-Rama” performances.

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Another Basement Recordings production. Captured “live” at D’Radoes’ Canarsie, Brooklyn Pan Yard.

Arranger - Terrance “BJ” Marcelle

Captain - Junior “Mann” Samuel

Drill Master - Dane Gulston

Tuners - Roland Harrigin, Learie Harrigin

The Players

Field Engineers - Lee Bennett and C. Phillips

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