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An Open Letter to the Steelpan Fraternity - re: ‘NCC Takeover’

by Michael L. Joseph - Pan Trinbago

Michael L. Joseph - PRO of Pan Trinbago
Michael Joseph - PRO of Pan Trinbago

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The president of Pan Trinbago has been displaying a type of behavior for quite sometime, that is bordering on dementia, and that is taking the organization to the brink of extinction, where all true panists must stand up now to save and protect our hard earn gains. Sydney Gallop did not ride all over the land, for this president and his non-elected sidekick to now sellout the organization and its intellectual property, so they can continue to line their pockets or guarantee ‘eat ah food.’

The ‘gypsy’ was brought in as chairman of the NCC (National Carnival Commission) to do a special job, and that is to bring the Special Interest Groups to their knees, and make them impotent on the NCC board. He had mentioned long before taking up the post as chairman, that the special Interest Groups were obstructionists, and if he had his way they would be long gone. Today the mission is to take the Carnival product for 2019 and beyond, and hand it over to a section of the business community who are waiting impatiently for the NCC to fulfill that promise.

The president with all his cocoa in the sun and the dark clouds hanging over his head, is willing to sellout our organization to save his own skin. The same man who was boasting all over the media when we took the NCC to court for trying to violate our space in the carnival and won, is now taking the judgment without executive approval and handing it over to the same NCC without reservation. That is the hallmark of an insane, sick, degenerate mind. Pan Trinbago could never be a one man show.

The document at large was presented to Pan Trinbago and the other interest groups who found it to be very high-handed and not meant to maintain good relationship through negotiations. Pan Trinbago executive had asked for a copy to properly examine so that an informed position could be taken with membership input, but the president had already made up his mind, and told the media that the executive had agreed and the secretary was holding it back. All this is a pack of lies because the president is refusing to meet with the central executive for months. He even went on the media and declared that he will never speak to members of the executive, although he was told by a learned judge, that he is only one man that is part of an executive, and he should work with his executive. His action is placing him in contempt of court, but he seems not to care.

The document from the NCC that was signed by the president and co-signed by the treasurer cannot bind the organization to anything and as such is null and void. Our constitution states clearly, that any agreement made by the president must be ratified by the central executive. Only the secretary is authorized to witness and sign off with the president on any document committing the organization in any way. The executive has a court order that debars the NCC from engaging in any type of hostility or high-handed action against Pan Trinbago. The NCC has since appealed the judgment, so until such time, the court ruling stands.

If the president and the treasurer want to go down in history as the ones responsible for selling the organization treasure, please do it on somebody else’s watch, not on mine.

Long live Pan Trinbago and the other Special Interest Groups. May we continue to develop our Culture to the benefit of all, remembering that the Culture is bigger than the man.

Michael L. Joseph
Public Relations Officer
Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C.

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