Take A Bow, New York Panorama

New York Pan

New York, USA - Take a bow New York Panorama.

Another year. Another season. Another great experience. More great music that will tell our stories for many lifetimes.

Thank you for your efforts, contributions and sacrifices to keep the Brooklyn, New York steelband community, culture and music alive in an increasingly difficult and hostile environment. You live. You breathe. You dance. You sing. You play Pan. You exist. You, this specific steelband community, are one of the greatest in the world.

To our Pan youth, you were simply wonderful.

André, Marc, Damany, Kendall, Odie, “BJ”, Khuent, Yohan, Ricardo and Mike - keep on - keeping on.

A salute to all the Supermen & Superwomen with normal powers who do extraordinary and super things for the love of Pan, culture and our community. Managers, captains, and life-time supporters, Mommies, Daddies and Uncle Hueloy....

And to all those unsung heroes who do the heavy lifting every year (teaching, painting, sweeping, racking, cooking, etc., etc., etc.) we see you - all the time. Big-Up!!

A special message to Genesis Pan Groove: many of the world’s pan communities, pan associations, pan players and pan lovers all over the world support you. WST (When Steel Talks) supports you in broad daylight.

Sometimes it is the youth who have to teach the adults principle, honesty and fair play.

Remember what ails one person in the morning, can be the bane of the others by nightfall.

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