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Steelband Drummers

Nothing But Drums...

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Nothing But Drums

There are few positions if any in the music world that are as challenging, rewarding, difficult and demanding as that of a steelband drummer.  Indeed, the ultimate is the title "panorama drummer" of a world-class steel band with 100-plus players.  The position requires not only a monstrous skill set and physical stamina, but a radical departure in thinking, and understanding of the role of a drummer operating at this very high musical level.

Indeed, the fortune of some 100-plus other musicians [and in some cases a village or country] is directly interfaced with the ability and composure of the drummer.  One mistake on his part can result in a catastrophic derailing of the locomotive and subsequent tragic runaway crash-landing of an otherwise classic performance that will become the substance of folk lore and history (documented in both song and the books).

For this final quarter of the year we focus on the hardest working man in the band; the steelband drummer.  Just ask Max Roach or Ralph McDonald.  This mystical and revered position has attracted the attention of some of the greatest drummers and percussionists on the planet.  While many young people dreamt of being like Michael Jordan, simultaneously countless others worldwide dreamt with equal passion, of one day holding the position of steelband drummer.  We salute the great steelband drummers past and present.


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