Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra - “Party Start” - (‘Tempo’ version - In Pictures)

André White - Arranger

Brooklyn, New York, USA -  Basement Recordings captures Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra as they prepare for the 2019 New York steelband Panorama competition one day before the event. Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra performed an André White-arrangement of “Party Start.” This is the ‘tempo’ AUDIO version.  The annual New York Panorama is a major highlight of and precursor to the West Indian American Carnival Day Parade.

Pan Evolution would eventually go on to place third in the competition.

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 Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra - “Party Start” - (‘Tempo’ version - Audio) - André White, Arranger

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VIDEO Cool Down **  ADLIB -- CASYM  -- CrossFire  -- D’Radoes -- Despers USA  -- Pan Evolution

AUDIO Cool Down **  ADLIB -- CASYM -- CrossFire  -- Despers USA -- D’Radoes -- Pan Evolution

AUDIO Tempo **  CrossFire  --  Despers USA  -- Pan Evolution

Pan Evolution Panorama 2019 band logo - WST