New York - December 19, 2005


Time To Honour Clive Bradley At Museum's Entrance


Many ideas about a proper memorial are being entertained for master musician Clive Bradley since his passing. And we are sure many more will be explored in the near and further future. Mr. Bradley won a record ten New York panorama competitions among his many other accomplishments as recently reported in the New York Times. Nine of these wins took place on the Brooklyn Museum grounds. In this regard, nothing short of a life-like memorial statue and site honoring the master at the entrance of the Brooklyn Museum would adequately address this giant's significance and work.

Clive Bradley, a former educator, was internationally known and respected for his musical accomplishments with the steelband orchestras. Mr. Bradley was an advocate for academic achievement and music literacy. This intellectual's music masterpieces brought together group of citizens from many walks of life globally. His genius lay in his ability to take traditional Caribbean folk music laced with African motifs and arrange it in a manner that challenged, and many times surpassed the greatest musical compositions ever written. And all the more remarkable that all this was written for, and executed on, the unconventional steelpan family of instruments.

Clive Bradley's life and music have impacted, do and will continue to, impact on the world. It changed the world and improved the quality of life for all who heard it. Moreover, his music will impact on those who will change the world in the future.

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