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The Netherlands Police Steelband

The police steelband of the Netherlands originally was formed in 1979.  The members of the steelband were all employees of the police forces and also members of the Dutch State Police Band.  The formation of the Netherlands Police Steelband was greatly due to the fact that the percussionists of the Dutch State Police Band wanted to expand their knowledge of music and wished to find a new outlet in which to utilize their musical skills.  They found in steelpan and steelpan music the ultimate way to do so.

After a few months of intense rehearsals, they played their first concert in 1980.   It was a short concert consisting of only four numbers. Luckily the public consisted of friendly colleagues.  As time passed the repertoire grew, as did the number of performances, even abroad in Belgium, France and Germany.  Also, some years ago, they spend and played three weeks on the Caribbean islands Curaçao and Aruba.

The professional musician Felix Walroud instructs them.  He has a conservatory degree in world music and specializes in steelpan (-music). Born on the island of Curaçao, at the age of 13 he led different steelbands, including the Navy Steelband.  He came to Holland at the mediation of the former Queen of the Netherlands, Juliana.

The band currently consists of eighteen members living scattered over the Netherlands and performing all over the country.  Fortunately our country is not big, so they have never to travel more than 300 kilometers to get at a gig.

By playing their music the members of the Netherlands Police Steelband try to show another side of police and hope to bring people of all races and believes together, in an enjoyable and entertaining way.


Nederlandse Politie Steelband (Netherlands Police Steelband)


The Netherlands Police Steelband


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