Clive Bradley - Master Arranger - Panorama 2004 - Up-close!

Clive Bradley at When Steel Talks
Clive Bradley at Basement Studios

The stage is set. It is two weeks before panorama finals. Master arranger Clive Bradley is applying his craft with much success as the legendary Desperadoes Steel Orchestra find themselves in second place coming out of the semi final rounds of the competition. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks (WST), a confident and cautiously optimistic Clive Bradley shares his thoughts.

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Clive Bradley - exclusive audio interview

Global - The Hills of Laventille were abuzz with excitement as the  expectation of another championship for their beloved Desperadoes Steel Orchestra seemed within their grasp.  Shadow’s “Whap Cocoyea” was the tune of choice; its spirituality held a special meaning for the people of the Caribbean overall, and particularly, Laventille.  Clive Bradley’s arrangement of this song would have religious, cultural, political, social and historical significance for years to come. It is an ethnomusicologist’s dream.

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