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Arddin Herbert, Arranger, moves Invaders Steel Orchestra
toward the 2007 National Panorama title

 Trinidad & Tobago Steelband Panorama 2007

Trinidad -  Invaders Steel Orchestra may be facing the imminent loss of their sixty-seven year old historic and landmark panyard location on Tragarete Road in north Trinidad, but for the immediate future - the next forty-eight hours or so - they are focused on winning the 2007 National Panorama title in the competition being held at Skinner Park in San Fernando on Saturday February 17.  Invaders, playing at position three will have to hold their own and excel over and above their seven fellow contestants in the large steel orchestra conventional category.

But they are moving forward like an army, with New York-based arranger Arddin Herbert leading the charge, as he has done since 2005.  Playing one of the more popular pieces for the 2007 panorama season - De Fosto's  'Pan Lamentation,' Invaders is looking to close the gap in the final round, and seize the championship.  It was the last evening at the panyard before the entire orchestra would head down south in readiness for the competition. 

It was at this juncture Herbert told When Steel Talks, "things are going great, things are going according to plan."  He is very pleased with Invaders' showing in the semi finals which propelled them to fifth position in that phase.  Looking toward the championship competition round, Herbert was very positive.  "With the type of energy that is being displayed by the players, and the sort of togetherness and unity that we have with one goal, one vision, I see nothing standing in our way, particularly once we have the Creator on our side."


Live Exclusive interview with Arddin Herbert,
Arranger, Invaders Steel Orchestra

The 2007 panorama season was an enjoyable one, made so much easier with Invaders' band management facilitating Herbert's travel back on forth between New York and Trinidad on weekends, as they worked around his own schedule and professional commitments in the US.  That type of teamwork also produced the final decision for Pan Lamentation as Invader's tune of choice for 2007.  The band management sent Herbert a CD with possibilities, and with his input, they then came to a joint decision as to what would be the best panorama choice for the band this year, said the arranger.

When When Steel Talks put forward the always-interesting question as to the number of players the orchestra would be taking to the finals, the response was an equally-interesting one.  "Lots of new players now, are coming into the yard, last minute [as we speak]", said Herbert, adding that he believes they will reach the competition max of one hundred and twenty musicians.  Some of the new players were 'taking music, around the corner' Herbert explained.  "It's just an exciting time right now, it's really exciting!...Trinidad [and Tobago], as we all know, is the Mecca of Pan, and these are players, you know, some of them play with four, five bands per night.  They're really good!  They come, listen, and within a couple of hours, they will learn your entire song!...This is normal."  With this, Arddin Herbert was off to continue his work at the panyard on the Thursday before panorama Saturday.


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