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Pan Knights set for
 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2007


Owen Serette, manager of Pan Knights

Trinidad - Owen Serette, manager of Pan Knights steel orchestra based in Barataria, Trinidad, confirmed that the band has secured the arranging talents of seasoned musician Duvone Stewart, for their participation in the 2007 national Panorama season.  Stewart is arranging the Eunice Peters-vocalized selection 'Can't Get Enough' for the band. Pan Knights' 1994 migration  from Harmonites Steel Orchestra makes them the "youngest large band in the country," says Serette.  Robert Greenidge had been their arranger for twelve years, every panorama season since then.  Stewart has already worked with Pan Knights before, including his arrangement of the Commodores classic Night Shift for the band's 2006 Pan In The 21st Century selection.  Additionally, Serette cited Stewart's own successful track record of first place arrangements in past national panorama single pan band and small conventional steel orchestra categories.  Pan Knights has also chosen "somebody young" who they intend to grow with as an orchestra.  It is the band's opinion, declared Serette, that Stewart "is the best young arranger around at the present time."


Live Exclusive Interview with Owen Serette,
manager of Pan Knights

With exactly two weeks to go before their panyard preliminary showing, the band "is on target" with their arrangement, according to Serette, and are looking to complete the overall piece this coming weekend.  Regarding the south venue for the 2007 National Panorama finals, while not in favor of them, Serette is looking forward to the proper infrastructure being put in place for the safe and efficient arrival of the qualifying steel orchestras hailing from the North, at Skinner Park where the competition is to be held.  He noted that while bands from the South customarily made the trip for years up north to the Queen's Park Savannah, they were extremely few, compared to the large number expected to make the southward trek this year.  Should Pan Knights be one of those competing in the finals, they intend to be in the south from Friday, and overnight in preparation for the Saturday evening show.

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