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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2008 - HOME

Panorama Prelims Kick Off
on January 7


Trinidad - Preliminary judging for Panorama 2008 begins on Monday 07th January 2008 with the Single Pan Bands in three of the four region - East, North and South/Central- from 7:00 pm
The first bands to face the five- person adjudication panel in the East will be Marsicans at their panyard in Mausica, Arima, with Spree Simon Harmonics in Picton and Eastern Main Road, Laventille in the North and Rio Claro Koskeros, Railway Road, Rio Claro in the South/Central region.

Trinidad All Stars__DSCN1477.JPG
Trinidad All Stars

Tobago will have its turn on Saturday 12th January when six (6) bands starting with Tobago Pan-thers at the Golden Lane Government Primary School Court Yard go through their paces at 6:30 pm culminating with Metro Stars at the Pembroke Community Centre, Hard Court, at 10:00 pm.
Judging of Conventional Bands in all categories will commence in Tobago on Wednesday 09th January 2008. The exercise continues the following day in the South/Central and Eastern Regions. On Friday 11th January, it’s day two for the remaining six (6) Small Bands in the Northern Region.
Saturday 12th January to 15th January adjudication continues in all zones and categories with the exception of Large Bands. Like last year the registered steel orchestras in this category will proceed to the semi-finals. However, the public will have an opportunity to hear their Panorama selections as they are required to perform on the designated nights in order for their players to qualify for the remittance fee. Because of prior contractual engagements, reigning pan champs Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars will perform on Saturday 12th January and Caribbean Airlines Invaders on Monday 14th January 2008. Both are in the Conventional Large Band category.
At the close of registration, 79 Conventional Bands and 61 Single Pan Bands were listed to participate in the Preliminary round of competitions (
click to see schedule).
From the above, 42 Conventional Bands will be selected for the Semi Finals (Savannah Party) at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Sunday 20th January 2008, beginning at 11:00 am while 32 Single Bands contest their semi-finals opposite Victoria Square, Park Street, on Saturday 26th January 2008, Port of Spain, at 6:00 pm
The Finals for Medium and Large Conventional Bands will be held at Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Saturday 02nd February at 6:00 pm.  Small Conventional Bands and Single Pan Bands Finals will take place on Wednesday 20th January 2008 at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain

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