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 composed and arranged Anderson Cupid
sung by Brent Richardson
produced and co-arranged by Clinton Crawford, Jr.


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Anderson Cupid

Born in the tropical twin isles of Trinidad and Tobago and now a resident of the state of Maryland in the US, Anderson Cupid began playing the steelpan instrument at the elementary school level and represented his school in competition for the first time when he was just ten years old.

At his secondary school, he represented the school band as a soloist at the very first school steelband music festival and gained top honors.  Andy also functioned as captain of the school's steel orchestra, which dominated the country's national school panorama competition in the eighties.

In 1981, Andy joined the Jewel 22 Steel Orchestra, playing at the 'senior' national level in Trinidad for the first time. In 1982, he became a pivotal member of the world renowned Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra.  As a member of the band for  25 years, Andy was right there with Trinidad All Stars as they won many prestigious awards and competitions.

Performing with Trinidad All Stars allowed him to perfect his skills and become the accomplished musician he is today.  In 1990, Andy traveled to the shores of England, where he lived and taught the art of the instrument within the government school system, conducted workshops at the commonwealth institute in London and was the arranger for top British steel orchestra Metronomes.

From 1999-2004, Andy performed on the cruise ship circuit with Commodore, Carnival and Holland American cruise lines, mesmerizing many audiences with versatile playing and a varied repertoire.

For the period 2004-2007 Andy lived in and performed all over California in the USA, before moving to Maryland where he now resides.

As a writer/composer he has written songs for the likes of calypsonian Crazy “Save Ah Soul”; Flo PG “Dancing Time Again” and; Joel Aaron “Panslingers.”  Added to these now is his 2008 panorama offering: "Bacchanal" performed by Brent Richardson.

Andy has traveled to many places, showcasing the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.  Some of these places are Florida, New Orleans, Texas, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Paris, Venezuela and all over the Caribbean, and remains an in-demand music professional year-round.

Brent Richardson

Brent Richardson was born in Trinidad.  As a young man, Brent began playing the steelpan in high school.  His early influences included jazz musicians such as Lionel Hampton and George Benson as well as steelpan musicians such as Othello Molineaux, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Robert Greenidge and Ken “Professor” Philmore.  After becoming the high school bandleader, Brent went on to join one of the most prominent steel orchestras in Trinidad and Tobago, Vat “19” Fonclaire Steel Orchestra, with whom he performed for the first time abroad at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, and the Du Maurier Jazz Festival in Toronto, Canada.  He also recorded on Fonclaire Steel Orchestra's  Pan Jazz album.

Brent then went on to join the TCL Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra where he performed throughout Europe and Asia.  After returning from tour Brent decided to form his own band, Pantastic International Steel Band which performed in Japan and Walt Disney World in Florida.

In 1996, Brent ventured into the cruise line industry where he performed on various cruise ships - (Carnival; Holland America and Princess Cruise Lines).  During this time period he developed his vocal ability which puts him in the category of steelband musicians who both play and sing.

Although influenced by jazz music, Brent’s repertoire includes reggae, calypso, R&B, Caribbean jazz, soca, bossa nova, etc.   And Brent again blends his instrumental and vocal talents on his performance of Anderson Cupid's 2008 Panorama composition, “Bacchanal.”

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"Bacchanal"  -  Anderson Cupid - Brent Richardson

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer

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