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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2008 - HOME

“Pan Commandments”

Music Composer - Jason “Peanut” Isaac & Ingrid de Peiza

Singer - Tony Prescott


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Jason "Peanut" Isaac

Jason “P'Nuts” Isaac – Born in Trinidad and Tobago, P'Nuts began playing pan at a very young age.  Hailing from the great Solo Harmonites of Trinidad and Tobago he has become a well known panist especially in the community.  He was also an integral member/stage side arranger for Moods Pan Groove (New York) for many years before moving on. He has arranged for NY panorama competitions: Pan Rebels, Dem Stars, Sesame Flyers, and in T&T, Kalomo Kings. Peanut Punch is his debut pan jazz album.  click for more on Jason Isaacs

Pan Commandments is the tune of choice of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra and Merry Tones Steel Orchestra for Panorama 2008


Tony Prescott

Tony Prescott is the lead singer of the group Surface.  Surface is the hottest new soca band to emerge for the 21st century whose goal is to set new trends in the evolving soca market. In recent months the band has created a buzz all the way from the South Caribbean to North America. Some of the band’s of achievements were made for Carnival 2000 in Trinidad having performed nightly to sell out audiences. They also provided road music for Poison’s carnival presentation - Tropicana 2000 where they placed 2nd in the best playing band category on the road catapulting the group way ahead of their established competition. To add to this achievement, lead vocalist for the band Tony Prescott whose career has exploded recently, won the title of Young King 2000 with his dynamic portrayal of "Flags" and "Culture Psycho", after placing second in 1999, He was also a finalist in the Chutney Monarch in 1999 and Soca Monarch finalist in 1999 & 2000.



Pan Commandments

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer

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