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Music Composer - Cheo Cato

Lyrics by Cheo Cato - Designer and Amrit Samaroo

Sung by Derrick Seales


Performing "Pressure" for panorama 2008 is E.C.U.  Pamberi Steel Orchestra arranged by Brian Villafana and
Junior Panorama Champions St. Augustine Secondary Comprehensive

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Verse 1

Ah hear dem singing ah set ah song bout de steelpan,
It makes me wonder if the do understand,
About de stress we does have to go through,
Before de band start to jam for you.
De rehearsal and late nights is just one part of it,
I know some men who even quit,
Its ah sacrifice we make,
Our allegiance wouldn’t shake
To our culture, our art form and our great steelband unit.


Ah talking bout Pressure!
We go give dem Pressure!
In de panorama,
We’ll jam dem with heat, heat,
We comin down de street,
Make you move your feet,
Jammin we jamming for pan,
Yes I tell yuh Pressure!
We go give dem pressure!
In de panorama,
We’ll jam dem with heat, heat, heat!
Bring de riddim
When we hit de stage, Next day de front page,
De steelband pedigree with de energy and de ecstasy,
Jam! Dem! Bring de riddim
Dey cannot deny, Dis music will send dem high
So bring de riddim out there will be no doubt everybody shout,
Play on, Play on Play on!
So you have to understand
Why it’s ah sacrifice for my steel band
And de pressures dat we undergo for de panorama!

Verse 2

De racks to weld and paint and de wheels to grease up now,
De song need airplay and ah just don’t know how,
Drillmaster down on we case for practice,
Who comin late to upset de place.
De arranger put in ah new piece very late last night,
Next day he say it ain’t sounding right,
He take it out and change de part,
While doing that ah big rain start,
Wet down de who band, trying to frustrate de members mind, soul and dey heart.


De steel bands around,
Better watch yuh crown,
We comin to mash up de town,
Our mission, to be de panorama champions!
So all bands yuh better beware,
When we come on de stage dis year.
We go jam dem wid de beat,
And de music oh sweet,
De pressure building when de man start counting 3, 2, 1 Boom!

Verse 3

So by now I know dat you all understand this song,
This one dedicated to pannist old and young,
De Arranger is vital for de music,
And de Tuner make de pan sound sweet,
De Captain has de rank for de night to night practice,
Don’t forget who provide meals for de pace,
And for those who I left out,
That contributed there’s no doubt
That 2008, is pressure for dem bands who dare to challenge it.


Panorama! (8 times).

Cheo Cato
Born in Trinidad and Tobago
Age: 29
  • Experience:
     Musical director St. Augustine secondary comprehensive.

  • Leader and Junior arranger of E.C.U. Pamberi Steel Orchestra.

  • Sixteen years experience playing pan.

  • Eight years experience arranging for Pamberi and six year for St. Augustine Secondary Comprehensive.

  • Has toured with Pamberi to France, Italy, Canada Japan, Germany, Switzerland Hong Kong and the Caribbean.

  • Toured with St. Augustine To South Africa For the 20/20 international world cup cricket.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Finalist in the "Pan in the 21st Century" competition in 2004 and 2007 as arranger.
    Three times junior panorama Champions St. Augustine Senior Secondary Comprehensive 2005 - 2007 as arranger.


Sweet Pan

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer

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