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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2009 - HOME

Panorama 2009 Captured in Pictures

by Robbie Joseph of Panpodium

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Quiet, humble, unassuming but meticulous -  Robbie Joseph, editor of Pan Podium is the consummate professional.  He brings a cutting-edge combination of talent and experience to the table, in addition to a passion and dedication to the steelband art form and its community. With his impeccable journalistic and  photographic  skills, and tech savvyness, he safeguards the steelband product and delivers all matters related to the art form with an undisputed authenticity that few can, or care to, emulate.  The editor of Pan Podium’s magazine lets us relive the recent Trinidad and Tobago steelband music panorama competition in all its beauty, glory and magnificence through pictures, and the architects of the art form, the steelpan musicians.

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