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Silver Stars Steel Orchestra
-2009 Panorama Champions


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Trinidad - With a score of 469 Silver Stars Steel Orchestra became the new champions of the large bands category in the Trinidad and Tobago steelband panorama competition.  They edged out the defending champions Phase II Pan Groove by a point. This victory is the first real major panorama title for Silver Stars; they have triumphed before, but in the medium category when overall categorization was first introduced in 2004.  Their tune of choice for 2009 was “First In De Line” which was written by their arranger Edwin Pouchet.

The Silver Stars win ended the virtual lock that Phase II, All Stars and Exodus have had on the top three places in recent years.  Silver Stars entered this final around of the competition trailing in fourth place allocated them coming out of the semis.  Indeed, it was no small feat for the orchestra to catch and etch out victory over the defending champion Phase II, led by the legendary arranger Len “Boogsie” Sharpe.  The first place prize was one million dollars TT.

This year’s event marked the inclusion of a first.  The large band category was reduced from 120 players to 100.  It was also the first time only eight bands performed on the finals night, as the medium bands division finals was moved to earlier in the week.

The panorama began a bit late, apparently due to rain.  According to reports, the tickets were at a premium and had all sold out. The first band, Redemption Sound Setters, hit the first note at 8:05 pm, and the last band Phase II at 12:15 am, making this one of the earliest concluded panoramas in the history of the event

Silver Stars in 2008, while they competed in the semi-finals

1st  Silver Stars - 469
2nd  Phase II Pan Groove - 468
3rd  Trinidad All Stars - 460
4th  Desperadoes - 458
5th  Renegades - 457
6th  Exodus - 456
7th  Siparia Deltones - 450.5
8th  Redemption Sound Setters - 442

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