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‘Savannah Fever’

sung by “Marvellous Marva” 
composed by Terry Figuera

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Terry Figuera

Terry Figuera was born in San Fernando, Trinidad W.I. and his love for the steel pan instrument started at a very early age in the 1950’s. In 1965 he joined Teenage Symphony where he learned to play the tenor pan; in ’67 he became a member of Antillean All Stars and perfected his skills on the tenor pan. Terry performed in many of the country’s major steelband competition arenas including the annual steelband Panorama and steelband music festivals.

Terry’s real experience in music and the art of playing the Pan was fortified around 1985 when he became a member of the super-talented and world-renowned Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra.  His experience there escalated his already considerable skills to a much higher level.  In 1986 he toured with Skiffle Bunch in London, England where they performed at the Commonwealth Institute Carnival Music Village and teamed up with Calypso King, David Rudder.  He also traveled to Wales and Edinburgh, Scotland, performing at their Music Village.  This United Kingdom tour was repeated in 1987.  The steelpan musician also traveled to Brampton and Toronto, Canada for the Caribana Festival.  The year  1988 saw him touring him Martinique and London, England; in 1989 Figuera went to Venezuela on a special invitation from the President.  His 1993 European tour included visits to Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Germany and Italy, among others.

Composer:  Terry Figuera
Lyricist:  David Goddard
Vocalist:  Marvellous Marva
Pan: Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
Produced and arranged by Kenny Phillips and David Goddard

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“Savannah Fever”  -
Terry Figuera

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)


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