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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2009 - HOME

‘Brazilian Flagwoman’

Composed by Amrit Samaroo and Mark Loquan

Lyrics by Amrit Samaroo

Arranged by Junior “Ibo” Joseph (JJ Music Production)

Executive Producer MLQ Music Ltd/Amrit Samaroo

Copyright © COTT 2008 All Rights Reserved

(Sung by Anselm Douglas)

To be released on Alvin Daniell's 2009 Calypso Compilation

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Mark Loquan


Amrit Samaroo


One J'Ouvert morning I saw a steelband

Coming down the road with a large procession

Well the band was not huge

But something in it amused

The scores of revellers there on hand

I wondered what was the main attraction

When I saw I stood there stunned

A flag waving from left to right

Holding it a beautiful sight

A Brazilian beauty waving flag through a sea of men in delight.



Well see her in the street, waving to the beat

Waist moving in time, she having a ball

With a flag in hand, she samba with steelband

When the song climax, she sang out loud! loud!

Oh oh...., it was magic, how she wave it, boy she had town hot with the way

How she move it and sang

My Brazilian, my Brazilian, my Brazilian,

Sweet lil flagwoman wave it girl, my Brazilian flagwoman



I decided I must get much closer

To witness this beauty in her full splendour

Golden brown complexion

Glistening with light’s reflection

The way she moved evoked my passion

It was like the pan music got inside her

As she waved the flag to the guitars

Her hips moved in time with the bass

Tenors put a smile on she face

Seconds rocked her body in a way that I thought I had never seen







I asked her what was her name and story

“It’s Jenna and is my first time in T and T”

But she was no stranger

She mother spent time in Moruga

And told her the story ‘bout Rudder

She told me she fell in love with steelband

And she found full expression

When she had a band’s flag to wave

She would find the joy that she crave

Her spirits seemed to soar even more when she sang as the steelband play.




“Brazilian Flagwoman”  -  composed by Amrit Samaroo & Mark Loquan

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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