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‘Just Right’

Composed by Brian “Bean” Griffith & Alvin Daniell
Sung by Anthony Johnson
Arranged by Leston Paul

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Brian “Bean” Griffith

While he (Brian “Bean” Griffith) maintains that “Panorama is a cultural event that cannot really be judged, Judges have a duty to remain focused, respect every artistic expression and not just scribble any score when the performance is over”. The judges need to seek more innovative introspect to fully appreciate the efforts involved in arranging steel band music. He believes that judges should spend more time, visiting yards prior to the competition to respect the hard work and dedication of the musicians who spend countless hours preparing their compositions on steel. At the single pan competition, T & T Panorama 2007 he marveled at the score sheet of one of the judges. While the final analysis is accepted, it was clear to him that this judge was certainly not “present” during the performance and that was reflected in his score sheet... click for full story

Panpodium magazine Winter 2008



“Just Right”  -
Brian “Bean” Griffith & Alvin Daniell

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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