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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME

‘Pong It’

sung by “Carwash”
composed by Dunstan Lawrence aka “Carwash”
arranged by Pelham Goddard

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Verse 1
Carnival come back again, to ease frustration and pain
Is Carnival time again, all year we waiting to wail
We does jump and wine, have a nice time
Hold any woman, flex on she background
Have no fear for she husband, he home watching television
To see when the band passing, if she with ah man jumping
As the band cross the stage, she get on so bad like she was in a cage
Doh feel no way, is Carnival day
Doh feel no way, she come out to play
As last lap done, and Ash Wednesday come
Is back to she husband.

Pong up the thing some more, Doh care what it do before
Pong up the thing some more, Just make sure yuh score
Pong up the thing some more, Pong it till it want more
Pong it on the right side, Pong it on the left side
Pong it in the center, Pong it ’till it hot like fire
Doh stop, doh stop, just pong it, pong it, pong it, pong it.

Verse 2
Next year when we meet again, it won’t be the same
There’s no separation, when last lap done
We plan to run away, don’t care what people go say
Being together, forever and ever
They will never understand, why she leave out she husband
All he time for computer, too busy to love her
So sweet and sexy, we taking ah wine and she feeling free
Doh feel no way, she husband ent dey
Doh feel no way, she with me to stay
We having lots of fun, getting on in de hot sun
Carnival should never done.

Verse 3
To be a good husband, show yuh woman attention
If yuh doh have money, please she sexually
They say you cah make love on hungry belly
But there’s poor couples living so happy
Is not the size of the ship, but the captain steering it
Through deep waters, storm and thundershowers
Long as I please she, she’ll always love me
He computer, “Microsofter”
Doh feel no way, Ah “dot come”
Doh feel no way, I ent save none
Ah going the distance,
For this relationship to last
Move dey leh we pass.

“Pong it”
Dunstan “Carwash” Lawrence

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Dunstan “Carwash” Lawrence

“Pong It” is a ‘double entendre’ panorama ditty putting coy smiles on the faces of panists and people in general for 2010, and penned and vocalized by Dunstan “Carwash” Lawrence from Trinidad.  A composer and calypsonian ‘regular,’ Dunstan made his calypso tent debut in 1999. Though probably not a very familiar face to many on the steelpan music scene, Dunstan, who performs under the sobriquet “Carwash,” saw his music work recognized and performed by one of Trinidad’s powerhouse steel orchestras - world-renowned Trinidad All Stars - back in 1998.  Equipped with Dunstan’s track called “Me and Meh Lady,” All Stars went to the 1998 Panorama competition of that year, eventually placing third in the country’s national championship behind Exodus and Nutones Steel Orchestras.

Though he has not been continuously a household name on the national stage, Dunstan has persevered, and composed and recorded his works through the years.  For 2009, his offering in the calypso arena was “Ah Rockin,” featured on the 2009 compilation called Wild and Wonderful produced by Alvin Daniell.  With “Pong It,” Dunstan aka “Carwash” is again showcasing music on Daniell’s 2010 calypso compilation, Something Special.

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Now 54 years ‘young,’ Dunstan Lawrence is an inspirational social story.  Turning his life around after being on the “wrong track” and then ‘paying his debt to society’ from 1985 for about ten years, Dunstan had turned in part to music to fill his long days and nights spent in confinement.  After that, he emerged a focused and driven individual with a portfolio of music amassed during that period.  He was given a huge morale and confidence boost with the success and recognition gained less than two years later, when Trinidad All Stars selected his music for the country’s national Panorama competition.  Dunstan is a survivor and example of determination and talent.  He works now in the security services, where his employers and colleagues alike reference him as an exemplar and grounded individual.

“Pong It” has been arranged and recorded by veteran ace musician Pelham Goddard at his Agra 9 Studio in St. James, Trinidad, and produced by Alvin Daniell’s Major & minor Production company.

bio by C. Phillips

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