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Broadcasting Panorama 2011: Another Year, Same Old Story

Panorama 2011 on the air?

Posted by Kenneth Headley


It is panorama time again, and all pan lovers around the world are excited to see what surprises this yearís competition will bring.  Nonetheless, the first rounds of Panorama 2011 have come and gone for many bands except for the East and South Zone Preliminaries without most of us not hearing the sweet sound of pan.

As a true pan lover I donít just want to hear the medium bands and large bands, I want to hear the brilliant interpretations of arrangers in the single pan and small band categories as well.  With Tobago and the large bands only being adjudicated in their perspective yards, why isnít the rest of the preliminary round of panorama streaming on the internet.  With current advancements in technology, we should be able to watch or listen to the full progression of this competition from any part of the world.

Panorama coverage is important and WhenSteelTalks has done a wonderful job keeping all of us non-travellers up to date with what is going on in Trinidad and Tobago for the Panorama season.  Beyond this, they continue to do the same amount of work for pan shows, competitions and other forms of pan-entertainment on a continuous basis throughout the year.

I am adamant that if WhenSteelTalks was given the full rights for Panorama broadcasting, through their tireless efforts we would be listening to every round of the Panorama competition all day and all night through its 'competitional' sequence.  There are outstanding innovative and culturally delicious arrangements that will not be heard by pan disciples as many bands will not make it through their respective rounds.  Nonetheless, their musical significance cannot be forgotten.

Pan Trinbago and WhenSteelTalks should coordinate this endeavor together and give pan people the opportunity to extend their musical appreciation.  If not, just give WhenSteelTalks the mantle as they have been supporting the pan movement throughout the rest of the world for many years.  If it wasnít for WhenSteelTalks, many panists, arrangers, composers, musicians, educators, adjudicators and fans would not have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture.  Some people refer to technology and globalization as a negative thing.  But WhenSteelTalks through the usage of information technology has brought the pan world together in a way that is unprecedented.  They should be given an opportunity to do what they do best, share pan with the world.  I for one would wholeheartedly support this endeavor.

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When Steel Talks...
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