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Pan Tunes A Big Internet Hit for 2011

Social Network Technology Stimulates and Facilitates Steelband Panorama Music Activity

Global - This past weekend thousands of unique visitors from all over the world took in the sounds of the Pan Tunes for 2011 Panorama exclusive on the When Steel Talks (WST) network. Steelpan music enthusiast and Caribbean music lovers took ample advantage of the offering. The special was promoted as 'Nothing But Pan Tunes Today.' The 'pan tunes' remain one of the most popular pages of the 2011 panorama season on the When Steel Talks - Panorama Central online resource center. 

Panorama 2011Listeners commented and recommended their favorite tunes for adaptation by the steel orchestras for the upcoming Trinidad and Tobago panorama competition directly.  The interactive nature of the site ( allowed fans and panorama music enthusiast to comment on panorama musical components such sweetness and effectiveness of melody, relevance of lyrics and the capturing of the carnival sprit among others. Fan comments confirmed that ultimately suitability for the competition and adaptation for their favored steel orchestras was paramount.

No longer hampered by the lack of respect, airtime, promotion and distribution, steelpan music fans have flocked in droves to the internet to hear and become familiar with all the potential panorama tunes of choice before the 2011 panorama competition. As a result the steelpan music fans will enter the panorama season with an increase awareness and familiarity with the songs being played by the competing steel orchestras not experienced in recent years.

Social media technologies like Facebook and Twitter provide additional connectivity and information about the activities and choices of the fans by allowing them to share their suggestions with their friends across the network. This new shift in the delivery system to the masses and the ease of availability of the technology has peaked a new, wider and unprecedented cross generational interest in the pan tune music genre.

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When Steel Talks...
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