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Panorama 2011 in Living Color - When SteelPan Pictures Talk

Photo Journalist Robbie Joseph of Pan Podium captures the essence of the Panorama 2011 like no other this year. - Large band steelband finals competition  

compliments of -  Robbie Joseph - Pan Podium

steelband ironmenWhen Steel Talks has had both the good fortune of having within our organization (C. Phillips, R. Pope), and/or being associated with the finest steelpan photographers and photo journalists in the world.

This year photo journalist Robbie Joseph of Pan Podium takes us on a visual expedition through the 2011 Panorama Finals’ in living color. Again that fabulous story of steelpan musicians and fans at panorama is delivered in uncompromising beauty. 

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Photos Robbie Joseph/Pan Podium - Storyline TJ - C. Phillips WST Photo editor

Showdown at the Savannah

Like a scene out of the movie Rocky, or that classic still picture of the great Muhammad Ali, towering over the feared Sonny Liston - the now seven-time champions, the legendary Trinidad All Stars emerged victorious from the annual epic musical battle of the titans of steelpan music - PANORAMA. 

Panorama 2011Years from now when it’s all said and written, hundreds of thousands of people will give their brand of the story, in the then-“Galactic Steel Pan News Times” and tell you “I was there when the mighty All Stars rolled out of Hell’s Yard to the “Big Yard” and rocked the Grand Stand and North Stand with such an intensity, splendor and precision, that made all others run for cover as they took the coveted title home” - that of National Panorama Champions 2011. Indeed, this year’s title is more valuable to the participants and fans - than a Hollywood Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy all wrapped up in one.  100,000 plus people?  Well, in the era of facebook, Twitter and live streaming, this is far closer to the truth than ever before.

As the judges’ scoring would later reveal, soon after the opening bell, a TKO was delivered by Trinidad All Stars in the first round of this heavyweight finals night competition. Playing in position number one, the world-famous steel orchestra scored high enough in that lead appearance position, to ward off any attempt of being caught from behind by the other nine formidable contenders.

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra - 2011 Panorama Champions

Ah... But let us back up for a moment - let us relive this reality moment of global importance in the steelpan music community.  This was no ordinary panorama - no panorama is - in fact, all panoramas are unique and special.  However, 2011 was loaded with anticipation because of all the off-the-stage and behind-the-scenes activity that transpired leading up to the great event this year. This year’s finals  showcased winning steelband music franchises that were led by no less than five past-heavyweight champion panorama music arrangers. click for full review


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When Steel Talks...
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