Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Calling Meh’

sung by Destra Garcia
composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore
lyrics by Destra Garcia
pan by Ken “Professor” Philmore
arranged by JJ Music Production



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Verse 1
I am addicted to pan
My darling please understand
When dem tenors tuning
I does forget everything I doing
If ya hear how my ears and them ringing
This music does make me feel to wine.... down low, I have to go

The melody, it calling me
A rhythm, calling me
Bacchanal, calling me
Panorama, calling me
Savannah, calling me..... leh we go
I would help it if I can
But I have to meet the band
’Cause I love steelpan, I love pan

Verse 2
Imagine something so sweet
Some say it sweeter than meat
And when they start playing
If you see de energy start rising
Dem fellas does have de people pumping
If ya see de North Stand start to wine...... down low, I have to go


Jump up (jump up, jump up, but we going to tear dis place up boy)
Hands up (hands up, hands up, hey keep jumping up, keep jumping up
Jump up (jump up, jump up, but we just can’t stop de waving boy)
Hands up (hands up, hands up, flags in de air)

Verse 3
Man ya could come go and see In case ya doh believe me
When ya hear de bass drum
And ya see de way it move my bottom
And how de music does caress my eardrum
Ya go be the first in line to wine....down low, man come and go


Repeat and fade with pan solo

©COTT 2011 All rights reserved
(For Panorama 2011)

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“Calling Meh”

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Destra Garcia
Destra Gracia

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Destra Garcia was born on November of 1977 in Trinidad and Tobago, she hails from a musical family. “When I am up there performing I feel the music as I move and I know it’s great to be a woman. I revel in my sensuality. I want women to look at me and say ‘Way to go,  Destra,’ because I am representing them and I look good doing so.”  Destra has been singing since she was in St. James Secondary School. “I sang every year for five years at school and won the Calypso Monarch on every occasion. I also wrote all my calypsoes.”

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Songwriter Mark Loquan celebrates twelve years of writing music compositions for the steelband music panorama competition. 

Some of his works include:  Passion for Pan (with Shanaqua), Fire and Steel, Identity, Frenzy and Good Times (with Denyse Plummer), and Colours Again, Hooked, Surrender and Rewind (with Destra).

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Exclusive interview with Mark Loquan - click here

Panist Ken 'Professor' Philmore 
Ken “Professor” Philmore
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