Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘The Alien Steelband’

sung by “Carwash”
composed by Dunstan Lawrence
arranged by Pelham Goddard



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Verse 1
I heard a Pan playing a sweet kinda music
I stood and wonder
If is a take over
So astonished to see
Ah human not like me
It’s an alien
Playing a steel pan
Never in my life did I hear
Music to compare
Playing sweet soca music
We cyah refuse it
Is a G-Pan
Was played by an alien


The alien steel band
Come down to rock the Grand Stand
And they flag man
In sync with the drums and iron
The whole steel band
Moving to rhythm of the land
And they jammin’
And is my song the alien steel band playing
And is my song
And is my song
Is my song the alien steel band playing

Verse 2

The alien lead the way for me to enter their space ship
I saw 2000 players
On a music trip
From tenors to bass
Steelpans all over de place
Some gold, some silver
They from Jupiter
Their ship is ah Pan rack leaning back
And they coming down de track
People in the Grand Stand
Never heard such a steel band
Is a G-Pan
Was played by an alien

Verse 3
So I went closer to take a look at the aliens
And the size and shapes and colours of their Pans
No earthlings to this day
Ever knew Pan could play
On other planets
And who will tune it
We was so amazed
As they reach the stage
They playing my melody
And this great invention
Of a Trinbagonian
Is a G-Pan
Was played by an alien

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“The Alien Steelband”
Car Wash

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Dunstan Lawrence aka “Car Wash”
Dunstan “Carwash” Lawrence

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Dunstan Lawrence made his calypso tent debut in 1999. Though probably not a very familiar face to many on the steelpan music scene, Dunstan, who performs under the sobriquet “Carwash,” saw his music work recognized and performed by one of Trinidad’s powerhouse steel orchestras - world-renowned Trinidad All Stars - back in 1998.  Equipped with Dunstan’s track called “Me and Meh Lady,” All Stars went to the 1998 Panorama competition of that year, eventually placing third in the country’s national championship behind Exodus and Nutones Steel Orchestras.

Though he has not been continuously a household name on the national stage, Dunstan has persevered, and composed and recorded his works through the years.  For 2010, his offering in the music arena was “Pong It.”

To get his 2011 contender “The Alien Steelband” out of the studio, Dunstan once again placed his music in the capable hands of  veteran ace musician Pelham Goddard.

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