Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Pan Jam in de Rama’

sung by Shanaqua
music by Cary Codrington
lyrics by Alvin Daniell


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Verse 1
Panorama in de Savannah
Place jam pack like if is Havana
Pan lovers from this band to that one
Do not want to miss on the action
So de drag getting real real tight
Mash a foot dat is fight
Then de flag man say clear de way
Can’t you see we come to play
This is Panorama Day
And we ent want no delay
Get out de way and leh we panmen show you how we does ramajay.

Jam! Jam! Jam! Pan jam in de ’Rama
Jam in de ’Rama, is Panorama
Jam! Jam! Jam! Pan jam in de ’Rama
Jam in de ’Rama, is Panorama
Small band jamming in de front
Medium band feeling de brunt
Big Band bringing up de rear
Not moving till things get clear
Jam session de drag ram cram
So panman say is no slow play so we come out to jam for Panorama.

Verse 2
Steel bands come out in all dey splendour
Cold beers selling like if it is water
And the nuts man trying he best to sell
While the crowd continuing to swell
But de panmen eh care bout cram
Panmen doh give a damn
De Rama is their time for bram
Until Panorama done
They love up de jam session
Gives them their inspiration
Dem man and woman having fun and they won’t leave till the morning sun.


Verse 3
Panorama finals night is here
And we jamming like we do not care
’Cause is music doing the talking
We come to play with no skylarking
Is to jam the opposition
That is our intention
People say that they want tempo
They doh want nothing that slow
Keep the music on the go
While we shifting to and fro
We set out to have the place aglow see how the front line does go man go.

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“Pan Jam in de ’Rama”

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Visit When Steel Talks

Cary Codrington

Cary Codrington is a versatile, in-demand steelpan musician whose twenty-year-plus career was first boosted in the form of an opportunity to play pan professionally with Starlift Steel Orchestra in 1972.  He is the head of the internationally-renowned Codrington Pan Family.

His talent and enthusiasm for the instrument has continued since his youth, and today Cary gives back through the nurturing of young talent within several school steel orchestras, individuals and groups. His arranging talents have resulted in championships for junior steel orchestras and first came to the fore in Trinidad with the Woodbrook Government Secondary School and continued with the St. Augustine Senior Comprehensive School Steel Orchestra, the Success Laventille School Steelband, City Symphony Steelband, Birdsong, Laventille Sound Specialists and Starlift Steel Orchestra.

For the 2010 steelband panorama season, Cary Codrington teamed up with vocalist Shanaqua and lyricist Alvin Daniell for Pandemic.  This collaboration continues for the 2011 season with the track Pan Jam in de Rama.

Edited by C. Phillips

Cary Codrington’s full profile

Alvin C. DaniellAlvin C. Daniell - Engineer, Cultural Researcher, Television Presenter, Composer and Music Producer comprise the disciplines of this individual.  In the pan world he is best known for his lyrical work with some of the top pan arrangers in Trinidad and Tobago. These include Ray Holman (Pan on the Move, Pan on the Run); Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Mind Yuh Business, Misbehave); Pelham Goddard (Parade, Play My Music, Good News, A Happy Song); Brian “Bean” Griffith (Trini Know How, Pure Party, How we coming – 2011); Don Clarke (Can’t Get Enough, Momentum – 2011). He has also worked recently with Edwin Pouchet to produce hits such as Thunder Coming, First in de Line and Battle Zone. So far he has written lyrics for over six songs for 2011.

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