Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Miss Lucy’

sung by Richard Rennie
composed by Neil Matthew Simon



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Verse 1
Ever year you bound to see her in the savannah
Each panorama she’s always there, with ah steel band jamming
Wining down in front of ah band
Jumping up and waving ah flag
Beauty, now she playing the tenor
And to much delight, she even playing the guitar,
When the band, start to roll on stage
She’s always there making people amazed
When the band, start to count
And they go………….
She playing, for panorama.

Miss Lucy playing for panorama,
She in ah frenzy behind the tenor
When the guitars start to strum, they sound so sweet
And the tenors start to go…………
Boy she ain’t sitting in no savannah
Like ah tourist and drinking liquor
I cyah miss this one at all, the music sweet
When the whole band start to go…………… 

Verse 2
Every year she coming down for the panorama
This vibrant person they call Lucy, she’s ah tourist lady
Coming here quite from Switzerland
Travel here just to hear the pan
She was, jumping up in ah steel band
The music so sweet she hold she head and she bawl
Just last year, she left with ah tenor
Went back home and practice she ting
Come back this year, She pan in she hand
She went by ah band
And say ah playing, for panorama 


Verse 3
Now Miss Lucy she is well in the Pan world
People amazed how this tourist gyul, she gone steel band crazy
Never played with more than one band
Now she moving from yard to yard
She said ah playing with Desperadoes
Pan Elders in south, another band in Tobago
When the band, start to roll on stage
Lucy was there, playing every phrase
When the band, start to count
Miss Lucy was ……..Playing, for panorama

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“Miss Lucy”
Richard Rennie

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Visit When Steel Talks

Neil Matthew Simon
Neil Matthew Simon

Neil Matthew Simon is a professional musician who began his music career as a member of the Port-of-Spain Laventille Police Youth Club in 1991.  His love and passion for music are evident in his smooth playing style and technique as a pan soloist and drummer. Neil is currently a member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Symphony Orchestra (NSSO).  He is also a steel pan tutor at the CNC College and is currently pursuing his B.A in Music at COSTTAT.

“Chinkey” as he is fondly referred to in the pan circle, has been an avid performer with various steel bands and arrangers for many years and is expanding his skills to include composing and arranging.  As a young panist he has been influenced and has had the privilege of working with arrangers such as Dr. Jit Samaroo, Kenneth Guppy and Auburn Wiltshire.

For the 2011 season Neil and a few of his colleagues of the NSSO have supported the pan fraternity by making a contribution to the year’s panorama.  His composition Miss Lucy sung by Richard Rennie and arranged by Kareem Brown, is his debut and a flavor of things to come.

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