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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Pan in Front Meh Face’

sung by Adrian Jaikaran
composed by Adrian Jaikaran



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Verse 1
Final night is madness
Everybody jumping up with a band
The whole savannah crowded with people
Is pan all around them bands practicing
Supporters all over the place is madness
They come to hear pan music is
Jaaam! ……all night!!
Is jaam!.......all night!!
Is jam is jam is jam
Is jam here tonight

Ah only hearing pan music playing
coming down ‘the Drag’
Despers, Sforzata, Starlift dem jammin’
Flag woman waving she flag

Anywhere ah turn is ‘Pam pi doom pim pim’
Anywhere ah twist is ‘pam pi doom pim pim’
Anywhere ah watch is ‘pam pi doom pim pim pum pim’
All over the place (x2)

Pan in front meh face.
The Tenor pan playing rel, rel sweet
The iron man playing ah nice beat
All ah dem jamming its 1,2,3,4
Pa dam pim pam poom.

Band chorus (x 2)

Verse 2
The bands all line up is tempo
From ‘the Drag’s right onto the stage
The players getting on wild and wassy
They all enjoy this music rel sweet
3 bands down is 7 more in the line up
Who going and take this big victory
Is jaaam ………is jaaaam
All night
Is jam is jam is jam
Is jam here tonight

Ah only hearing pan music playing
coming down ‘the Drag’
Courts, Renegades, Silver Stars man they crackin’
All the players getting on bad

Anywhere ah budge is  ‘Pam pi doom pim pim’
Anywhere ah nudge is ‘pam pi doom pim pim’
Anywhere ah touch is ‘pam pi doom pim pim pum pim’
All over the place (x2)

Pan in front meh face.
The guitar pan holding down some nice chords
The cello pan sounding rel, rel boss
But yet all ah dem jamming its
1,2,3,4 pa dam pim pam poom

Band chorus (x 2)

Verse 3
All pan lover and supporters
Chippin’ on ‘the Drag’ Grand Stand full fuh so
The steel pan music sweet to their ears
The players all set with all of their gears
6 bands down is 4 more into the line up
The ’Rama so tight dem band fighting with Might!
Is jaam …..all night
Is jaaam
Is jam is jam is jam
Is jam here tonight

Ah only hearing pan music playing
Coming down ‘the Drag’
All Stars, Exo, Phase 2, yes Harmonites
Man they sounding rel, rel nice

So anywhere ah move is ‘pam pi doom pim pim’
Anywhere ah groove is ‘pam pi doom pim pim’
Anywhere ah choose is ‘pam pi doom pim pim pum pim’
All over the place (x2)

Pan in front meh face
All bands cross the stage Results coming out
Arrangers players anxious not a doubt
But all true the night
Pan just in my sight
Next year them bands coming in full flight

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“Pan in front Meh Face”
Adrian Jaikaran

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Adrian Jaikaran
Adrian Jaikaran

Adrian Jaikaran started playing the steel pan at the tender age of eight. His deceased uncle, Leroy Thomas, was solely responsible for him learning the steel pan art form.  Adrian’s grandmother who sadly passed away on July 4, 2010, took him to and from rehearsals every night and made sure he was well cared for. She was also instrumental in his singing career and was also the one who pushed him into his academic studies.  Adrian played pan with Moods Steel Orchestra for three years before he moved to Clico Sforzata Steel Orchestra, where he was placed under the wings of Yohan Popwell, Derrick Nurse, Joslyn Earl, Roy Jones and Trevor Reid.

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He fondly remembers his grandmother’s dedication in ensuring that he attended rehearsals by accompanying him. During his tenure at Sforzata Adrian learnt all about the “pan” fraternity and what it had to offer. He was mostly inspired by Yohan Popwell who was the arranger for the band at that time and gained lots of practical experiences. Thanks to his teachers Williams Peters and Niasha Layne Ford, Adrian was awarded a two-week scholarship to the International Music Camp (IMC) where he played the steel pan at a jazz band workshop on July 10, 2009.

As well as playing in the school steel band Adrian also arranged musical pieces for them. He has also completed the pan tuning course run by the Pan in the Class Room Co-coordinating Council and is presently doing some work of his own. Jimmy “Jim” Phillip, his teacher was a big inspiration not only as a pan innovator, but as an arranger/tuner. Jimmy worked tirelessly with him on the actual art of making pans. Adrian is currently attending the University of the West Indies (UWI) and is furthering his studies in Music. His vision for the future is to operate the biggest pan-making industry ever and become a great composer/arranger.

Pan in front Meh Face’ is Adrian’s first official pan song to be released for the 2011 Panorama season. Adrian stated, “it is very hard for a young person like myself to make it as a fully accomplished musician but I am glad to see there are people at the professional level like Mikhail Salcedo and Sheldon Peters who took interest in my potential and this song, and who were actually interested in a young person.”

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