Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME


sung by The Web
composed by Hamilton “The Web” Alexander
arranged by Vernon Coombs



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Verse 1

This lady came here, all the way from England.
She wanted to know --- the birth place of the Steelband.
She told immigration that is the reason she came down.
She eh staying long, she came for Panorama --yes ---.
Long time I hearing about this Bacchanal.
People telling me-- it is part of the Carnival
Well look it so happened, that day was Panorama.
She end up in a band in the Savannah.

I came to hear Panorama “you see” Panorama “hear me.”
That is why I came down to Trinidad.
I want to hear Panorama “she say” Panorama “today”
Let me go and show them I could Dingolay.
I want to hear “Pan” playing their sweet melody.
“Pan” look ah don’t want you touch me.
Stop buzzing around me in the band.
I came to hear “Pan” ah doh want you hold meh hand.
“Pan” try your best and understand.
Leh meh go ,I came to listen to “Pan.”

Verse 2

From band to band the English woman was moving
Totally mesmerised by the music she was hearing.
She said look Laddie I heard Panorama in England.
But I must admit there is no comparison-----No ----
Look down the drag it have people jumping.
Yes they palancing as if it is Jouvert morning.
People of all color, creed and race having a good time.
My gully, a sweet Panorama lime.


Verse 3
If you see people watching this London lady
Jumping in the steel bands just like a Trini.
Every band that past she waving the British Flag.
like an official moving up and down on the drag.---yeh--
Then from a distance she heard a big band.
Playing Large is Large, like the flag woman she took charge.
Here comes the band I love then she breakaway.
Showing the crowd she could really Dingolay.

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The Web

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Soca artist Hamilton "The Web" Alexander
Hamilton “The Web” Alexander

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Born Hamilton Alexander in Trinidad, “the Web” has over thirty-five years in a musical legacy that is distinctly Trinidadian. He joined the Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra in 1966, and after the 1967 carnival he became a staple player.  In 1968 he was elected as a committee member and in 1969 he became the Vice-Captain. Web was elected captain from 1971-1977. He also held the position of trustee and vice-president of the Steelband organization Pan Trinbago.

Web migrated to Canada in 1977 and immediately got involved writing and performing Calypso. In the calypso Monarch competitions in Montreal he placed second on several occasions, and he won the title two consecutive years:  2001 and 2002.   He has also been participating in the Canadian Calypso Monarch since 1981. He has been a finalist on numerous occasions and his highest showing so far is second place and forth place twice.

Currently he is the Vice President of the Organization of Calypso performing artists, (O.C.P.A) and was recently chosen to accompany Caribana on their prestigious tour to Hong Kong.

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