Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME


sung by Devon Seale
composed by Gregory Ballantyne



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Verse 1
I don’t agree with Pan Trinbago and dem,
Letting pan men play songs from long ago
It certainly, stifling musical gems
The fountain of creativity running low
Annually we bring, brilliance,
Novelty to sing and dance
Fresh as the dawn, music is born,
Pick one and carry on
The key to the Panorama,
Is the annual turnover,
Each year brings its own vintage and nostalgia.

So we won’t get This Feeling Nice or no Rainorama,
No more Dudu Yemi, even the Wrecker,
or Pandora
Not even High Mass or Hammer
Unknown band, Jericho
or Rebecca
The Woman on the Bass, in Pan Lamentation
She was First in the Line, with Sweet Pan
Battle Zone, Savannah Party
Before the Bull drop on Somebody
Take Musical Vengeance,
Play a new song for we!

Lavway 1
We doh want no Retrorama,
We want we Panorama,
Or leh we bring back the long time drums, dat had the caustic soda.
No more Retrorama,
We want Panorama,
Or we going back and beat we pan,
Inside of Globe Theatre.

Verse 2
This Retro vibe, is taking over culture
The biggest party now is a Back in Times
I cyah subscribe, to this regressive order
Composers’ royalties now nickels and dimes.
Long time the radio, oh yeah
Jam new calypso, whole day
Pan man was glad, they listening hard
And select one for the yard. Now every last pan buffoon
Copy Boogsie with own tune
The others digging up songs as old as the moon.  


Lavway 2
We doh want no Retrorama
We want we Panorama
Or leh we go back to pitchoil tin,
Or the dustbin cover.
No more Retrorama
We want Panorama
Or leh we form back the Red army
And send them back Guyana.

Verse 3
At the Pan Awards, during the month of August
Yuh honour tuners, arrangers and pioneers
No one applaud, the composers among us.
Even friends of the steelpan, women in steel were there.
Frankly this retro era,
Disrespecting, Kitchener.
And all other men, who write for the pan,
Dem classics that make yuh band.
Is high time Pan Trinbago,
Put the lid on the Retro,
And rebuild the bridge between Pan and Kaiso.  


Lavway 3
We doh want no Retrorama
We want we Panorama
Or leh we play with one stick
Like the old pioneers.
No more Retrorama,
We want Panorama
Or leh we Retro the Prize Money,
With the Tea Cup and Saucer

We doh want no Retrorama
We want we Panorama! (5 times)

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Devon Seale

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Devon Seale
Devon Seale

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The thirty-three year old Devon Seale cut his calypso teeth in 1988 at Trinidad & Tobago’s National Junior Calypso Competition and the Junior Roving Calypso Tent of which he was an outstanding member. This talented and gifted youngster is musically versatile.  He plays the violin, piano and pan, was a classical singer, and once lead singer in the Melville Memorial Trinity Boys Choir.  He acquires all his musical skills from Mrs. Esther Batson. In 1991 he had the distinction of leading his school steelband i.e. Arima Government Secondary- in the School Steelband Music Festival.

In 1997, he made his first appearance in the senior calypso arena as an unattached singer, eventually making it to the Semi-finals of the National Monarch competition; the same scenarios held true for 1998. For the 1999 season, there was a change in fortunes. Devon was selected as a member of the Kitchener’s Revue calypso tent, where he had the opportunity of performing two of GB’s (Gregory Ballantyne) compositions “Lio” and “Rope ah Dope,” which garnered him nightly ovations. And for the first time, Devon made it to the National Calypso Monarch finals in “Dimanche Gras.”

Today, twelve years later, Devon still performs with Kitchener’s Calypso Revue and has made it to the Calypso Monarch Finals on numerous occasions.  During this time he has given us calypsos such as “Lament for Shorty,” “Category my Donkey,” “Lio,” “Donut Country,” “Mr. Pan,” “Ivan the Terrible,” “Little Eyes Big Vision” and “Education Through the Eyes of the Calypsonian” (both which gave him the title of Best Social Commentary 2000 and 2005 respectively), “One Song,” “Spirit of Calypso” and in 2010, “De Sharer Strikes” and “A Wind of Change.”

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