Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Wake Up’

sung by Denyse Plummer
music by Edwin Pouchet
lyrics by Alvin Daniell



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Verse 1
Pan, filling the atmosphere, man, parading everywhere
Wake up!  Wake up!
How, could you now be slumbering, when, Carnival is happening
Wake up!  Wake up!
Get up, get out o’ bed, Shake yuhself, doh play yuh dead
Come alive, now’s the time to get on real bad
Free yuhself, like is a bad dream last night you had
Jump and prance and get on like yuh mad, this is how we fete in Trinidad.

Rise and shine, get on the ball, Rise and shine, answer the call
Rise and shine, no time to fall, Rise and shine, back to the wall
Feel de rhythm shaking yuh body, Hear the music calling be ready
And a DJ blasting in the street, So feel the beat, get on your feet
Wake up! Time to put on your dancing shoes
This is the best way to get ridden of yuh blues
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! 
Time does really fly so enjoy it.  Wake up! Today will be gone in a minute
Wake up! For tomorrow you may regret it. Wake up! All your worries you must forget it
So stop uh sleepwalking, time for bacchanal
This is Carnival, it’s your festival.

Verse 2
Mas, full up the avenue, brass, screaming where are you
Wake up! Wake up!
So, what de France have you so down, don’t behave like if you’s a clown
Wake up! Wake up!
Put on, yuh mas costume, start to run, get out yuh room
Yuh band gone, you have to ketch up with dem quick
Make it fast, you are moving like someone that sick
When you meet the band and hear the jam, you go start to shake yuh pampalam


Verse 3
You, may be politician, or, just a civilian
Wake up! Wake up!
We, have a new country to build, we have a future to fulfil
Wake up! Wake up!
Each one, must play their part, don’t delay, just make a start
Carnival, you display your full energy
One and all, you show off your creativity
Use that in life and take my advice, Trinidad will be a paradise.

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“Wake Up”
Denyse Plummer

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Denyse Plummer
Denyse Plummer

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Composer and arranger Edwin PouchetEdwin Pouchet - Edwin grew up in pan, hearing pan morning, noon and night.  His bigger brother Junior Pouchet was synonymous with the band Silver Stars. When Junior migrated to Orlando to work with Disney World, Edwin took up the mantle and brought the band back in the limelight after a 10-year break.  Edwin proved to be a creative and exciting arranger reviving some of the band’s trademark selections as well as introducing new ones. The band made its name in the medium category of the steelband competitions winning with Pure Party in 2004. He also won the first “Pan in the 21st Century” competition with Love Theme as well as with the popular Phantom of the Opera.

However when he took the leap into the Large Band Category of Panorama in 2008, he earned the respect of his fans and peers with a respectable place in the finals with Thunder Coming, his own composition. This led to his first victory at that level the following year with First in the Line.

Last year he created history by repeating with his own composition Battle Zone as this tune was also the winning Panorama selection in Montreal, Toronto, New York and Washington. The lyrics for his compositions were written by Alvin Daniell and for 2011 they have teamed up again to produce Wake Up sung by Denyse Plummer and It’s Showtime! sung by Anslem Douglas.  The band Silver Stars will be using one of these two tunes in their bid to capture the elusive hat trick.

Alvin C. DaniellAlvin C. Daniell - Engineer, Cultural Researcher, Television Presenter, Composer and Music Producer comprise the disciplines of this individual.  In the pan world he is best known for his lyrical work with some of the top pan arrangers in Trinidad and Tobago. These include Ray Holman (Pan on the Move, Pan on the Run); Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (Mind Yuh Business, Misbehave); Pelham Goddard (Parade, Play My Music, Good News, A Happy Song); Brian “Bean” Griffith (Trini Know How, Pure Party, How we coming – 2011); Don Clarke (Can’t Get Enough, Momentum – 2011). He has also worked recently with Edwin Pouchet to produce hits such as Thunder Coming, First in de Line and Battle Zone. So far he has written lyrics for over six songs for 2011.

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