Steelband Panorama 2012

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sung by Kerwin DuBois
composed by Kasey Phillips & Kerwin DuBois



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Oh Bacchanal (2x) Oh...(I ready for it)
Oh Bacchanal Oh...(I ready for it)
Oh Bacchanal Oh, Oh...(I ready for it)
Oh bacchanal Oh...I ready for!!
Bacchanal!! (15x)...(I ready for it)..(I ready for it)

Verse 1

Hello & greetings, first time we meeting,
Ah hope yuh not leaving,
Jus’ stay ah lil bit...
I'll keep it formal, please jus’ act normal
I grow up in de - House of Bacchanal...


And this foot is mine (is mine),
Ah go jump if ah want to
Wave up or bend down and wine
This foot is mine (is mine),
Ah go stamp on de ground and,
You cyar tell me what to do!


’Cause I fete in de night
Then go on de road,
We nah stoppin’, ah going whole day...
I fete in de night, then jump up on de road
We nah stoppin’,  ah going whole day...

Now everybody watch disss,
I’z ah bacchanalist! (2x)
Ah want yuh to watch disss,
I’z ah bacchanalist! (2x)
I love plenty--Bacchanal (7x)  (repeat)

Verse 2

When I in meh costume,
Sexy and well groom,
Jus’ gimme some room,
To wine ah lil bit...
De road is meh symbol, follow de signal,
And find yuhself in - de House of Bacchanal




See, I - I - I - I - I - I
I’z ah bacchanalist! (2x)  (repeat)
Oh bacchanal...

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Kerwin DuBois


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Kerwin DuBois

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