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‘Chips Melody’

sung by “Squid”
composed by Antonio “Squid” Forbes
lyrics by Antonio Forbes & Jacquie Levine



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Verse 1

Big J’Ouvert jam –
go tell dem man and woman
Get the mas ready -
We chippin’ quarter to three
’Cause the bands, sounding sweet
Sweet Pan with steady iron
resonating in the street
Ev-ery bo-dy say we getting on tonight
Just can’t wait to start jumping
Steady jamming
’cause the riddim section tight
Let’s celebrate, there’s no more curfew now
Participate - start jumping up and down
Let’s have ah time
and make the carnival nice-nice-nice


So come iron man “chip” -
drive the riddim hard - to the beat
Get the flag woman “chip” -
and make sure she wining down wassy
We getting on bad “chip” -
but no need to call police for we
We come with a plan “chip” -
and that is to spread Chips’ melody

Verse 2

J’Ouvert band ram –
everybody high on the Pan
We chipping down from the yard -
straight to Lara Promenade
We go jump, we go drink
Play mas and jump around
like we doin’ anything
Grab- a- wom-an
and make sure ya hold she tight
It’s- a -big celebration
Time to free up, we getting on tonight
Let’s celebrate, there’s no more curfew now
Participate - start jumping up and down
Let’s have ah time
and make the carnival nice-nice-nice



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“Chips Melody”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Antonio 'Squid' Forbes

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Antonio “Squid” Forbes is the son of Hector “Tack” Forbes, one of the founding members of New York’s Sonatas Steel Orchestra. Antonio played Pan with Sonatas in Brooklyn from 1984 until 2004 where he developed his skills as a panist and acquired arranging skills under Ken “Professor” Philmore.  He made it a point to listen to all the sections in the orchestra and note how the arranger distributed music to each.

His first attempt at composing calypso/soca music was in 1991, with the single Fire in d Savannah.  It was played in the southern zone panorama in Trinidad by Antillean Allstars. The next year Forbes released two tracks, Jump and Everything Safe. He then took a break from composing and continued to perform with Sonatas.

Now Forbes has returned with this stimulating piece, Chips’ Melody, dedicated to the memory of one of Sonatas’ founding members Rodnick “Choko” Stevens, and also to Antonio’s late brother in-law Kevin “Pappy” Roberts. It embodies all the jubilance both men possessed. Forbes thanks Yosef Raphael for programming the music, Tracy Rousseau for background vocals, and Jacquie Levine for collaborating on the lyrics.

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