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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2012 - HOME

‘The Count’

sung by Debra ‘PanDiva’ Romain
composed by Justin ‘Redz’ Richardson & Debra Romain-Ahmad



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Verse 1
My sticks in meh hand, and I ready, yes I ready
I head for my Pan and I happy,
Pan player all around - you dun know
Tonight is the night of the greatest show
The Grand waiting, North Stand jumpin’
Spectators anticipating de count.

Supporters push de band to Queen’s Park Savannah
We jamming on de drag, We going give them drama
We come out to steal the show 2nite
Nobody have time to cuss and fight.

Execution, style and energy
United in Pan, one family.
Everyone know this band is blessed
We go hit dem with de very best.

We jamming with fire, love and steel
Who don’t hear tonight, will surely feel
Get in yuh section, face one direction, one knock is for de bow,
Is Panorama here come de count!

Verse 2
The first band on stage and they playing
Yuh band dressed to kill, and dey waiting
Then yuh arranger comes to the front
And say:
‘Leh we give the judges just what they want
The Grand waiting, North Stand jumpin’
Spectators anticipating de count.


Verse 3
The tune playing sweet and you feelin’
Every heart beat say “we winning”
Emotions run high as it reach the end
After all the energy that you spend
The Grand cheering, North Stand shouting
This is de band, de band to beat, there’s no doubt!


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“The Count”
Debra “PanDiva” Romain

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Debra 'PanDiva' Romain
Debra “PanDiva” Romain

Debra ‘PanDiva’ Romain is a Steel pan Vocalist from the UK.

Debra is of Trinidadian descent and has played Pan for thirty years, and taught Pan for twenty.  Debra arranges for several UK Bands including Mangrove Steel Band and Stardust Steel Orchestra.  She is the Musical director of Cambridge University Steel Orchestra and the All Female Ladies of Steel.

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In 1994 Debra made history in the UK as the first female Arranger/ Manager in the London Panorama Competition. As an arranger she won seven consecutive titles at Junior Panorama with Mangrove and also has adjudicated BAS (British Association of Steelbands) Pan Explosion and Pan Clash.

As a solo performer Debra, a classically-trained singer, has been singing from an early age.  At nine Debra was awarded a music scholarship from ILEA.  As a young girl she performed in operas at Sadlers Wells Theatre, Royal Opera House Covent Garden and Royal Festival Hall.  Debra has given several operatic performances for the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago and is very proud of her heritage. When overseas Debra performs with Phase II Pan Groove.

Now, she has combined the love for both Pan and singing to become one of the UK’s most unique solo artists.

Justin Richardson
Justin “Redz” Richardson

Born in the UK, Justin has played pan for over twenty years.  He is a Pan man who produces music of all genres and is also a DJ.  As a pan soloist he competed in the BAS Pan Explosion competition and has been teaching pan for many years in schools.

As a youth, Justin played in the Metronomes Steel Orchestra, and has had the experience of playing in Renegades for the Trinidad & Tobago panorama. 

He has put together many Pan arrangements which one can hear on his YouTube Channel.  This is his first ‘Pan tune’ on which he collaborated with Debra “PanDiva” Ahmad.

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