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“Heavy On Pan (A Tribute To The Grandmaster)”

sung by Allan Oxley
composed by Allan Oxley



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Verse 1

Just as a sign Grandmaster Kitch still vuverneering
Like the spirit of a bee that really stung me.
In the year 2000, The Grandmaster leave we,
But that bee brought the memories of his legacy.
Music sweet, so mesmerizing,
Makes you dance, makes you prance like you in a trance.
It’s the genius of a man and his versatility,
So when yuh hear ah pan strumming,
“Ugh!” amazing, “Aye!” in de spirit yuh bound tuh ketch it,
Just de power of de pan as you’ll understand.

Chorus 1, 3 & 4

Put yuh right hand ‘round yuh neck, left hand ‘pon yuh waistband,
Just swing and sway, then dingolay in style and fashion.
(Fashion with ah passion)
With yuh body wukkin’ up shaking like an earthquake,
Yuh tell yuhself with no mistake,
That yuh have enough rum in yuh black cake.
So when yuh make yuh “manémar” … is Kitch,
And yuh crouch below de bar … is Kitch,
Then yuh start to “chip a chip”… is Kitch,
Yuh own eyes fix on yuh hip …is Kitch.
The music so heavy, it reaches into your soul,
It’s as if yuh under remote control.

Verse 2

The Flag Woman, you’ll understand, is a real trip,
As the spirit takes over, she’s really lose it.
She does “carré” down and “bassé” down to de ground,
As she laments her war cry, “Aye yah yai yai yai”.
Waving flag just like ah conductor,
Swinging left, swinging right and swinging centre,
You cannot help but adore her with her smooth agility,
With the steelband pulsating, music vibrating,
Is heavy jamming, Flag Woman flammin’,
Just de power of de Pan in she pampalam.

Chorus 2

She put she right hand ‘round she neck, left hand ‘pon she waistband,
She swing and sway, then dingolay in style and fashion. {spoken}
(Fashion with ah passion)
With she body wukkin’ up shaking like an earthquake,
She tell sheself with no mistake,
That she have enough rum in she black cake.
So when she make she “manémar” … is Kitch,
And she crouch below de bar … is Kitch,
Then she start to “chip a chip”… is Kitch,
She own eyes fix on she hip… is Kitch.
The music so heavy, it reaches into her soul,
It’s as if she’s under remote control.

Verse 3

So when yuh think, Grandmaster Kitch can get no sweeter,
Yuh know he jam we quietly in ah “A Minor”,
“Pan in Harmony” is a classic ditty,
The Grandmaster really know how to sock it to we.
“Iron Man” jamming with “D Mystery Band”,
“Bees Melody”, “Symphony in G”.
The talent of the man is unsurpassed with lyrics that shows it’s class,
So when you jammin’ on yuh Pan, ask “Miss Harriman”,
“Tribute to Spree” could get yuh bazodee,
That’s the power of the Pan from a great legend.

Chorus 3

Put yuh right hand ‘round yuh neck, left hand ‘pon yuh waistband………etc.

Verse 4

The Pan piong still hums the song “Carnival is over”,
As a tribute to the life of The Grandmaster,
Who requested from Audrey, where she get that sugar,
Even the Caroni workers didn’t have the answer.
Cacaroach run up in she petticoat, {spoken} (Why?)
Don’t ask me, yuh should’a ask Kitchie,
But since the road was make to walk only on Carnival day,
Yuh know he park up he “PP”, “Wrecker” take it way,
He bring out “The Bull”, they bob and weave whole day,
He carré ah play and dey té lay lay.

Chorus 4

Put yuh right hand ‘round yuh neck, left hand ‘pon yuh waistband………etc.


{Spoken} …Kitchie boy…..Scrunter say yuh gih him “The Will”,
Buh buh with this tribute it go be a thrill.

Is Kitch…     ~  …who did have de formula,
Is Kitch…     ~  …for dem bands in Panorama,
Is Kitch…     ~  …always bring ah tune to beat,
Is Kitch…     ~  …man dey all sounding sweet sweet sweet.

©2006 by Allan Oxley

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“Heavy On Pan”
Allan Oxley

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Allan Oxley
Allan Oxley

In Trinidad and Tobago, the name “Oxley” is synonymous with music and Allan Oxley has lived up to that tradition of his parents, Ken and Stephanie Oxley (both now deceased).  Ken Oxley was the famous bass baritone singer who sang for many audiences all over Trinidad and Tobago.  Stephanie, his wife, was also involved in music and was equally responsible for the involvement of their three children in this artform. Allan, the youngest, and his older siblings were often wooed to sleep by the harmonious vocals of the ever popular Argonauts Male Voice Choir of which his father Ken was founder and leader.

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Allan started to learn the piano at age 9. He studied and sat for the examinations of the Trinity College of Music (London) and reached Grade V in Practical Pianoforte and Grade III in Theory of Music.

After leaving school in 1969, Allan became involved in the local music band scene as a keyboardist playing with several combos. He went on to such legendary bands like Joe “Chet” Sampson, Gemini Brass, Shandileer and Atlantik to name a few. Allan was an original member of Shandileer in 1979 and stayed with that band until 1991 which was perhaps, one of the more defining stints in his long and ongoing music career.

Allan toured extensively with some of those bands throughout the United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean. He played in most of the major carnivals in Trinidad and Tobago, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Orlando, Barbados and Antigua. Besides playing keyboards, he did background vocals and percussion on recordings with Gemini Brass and Shandileer and also directed a couple of local recording acts including Sharlene Boodram.

As a freelance keyboardist, Allan has played at The Revue Calypso Tent from 1999 to 2005 and it is there his involvement in calypso music expanded. He was guest keyboardist for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Band during their calypso competitions, was a member of the “Trinidad and Tobago All Star Band” which supplied accompaniment for Calypso Semifinals and Finals competitions in St. Lucia Carnival celebrations, as well as keyboardist for The Ambassadors Calypso Tent in St Lucia W.I. Allan was also well known as the Musical Director/Arranger/Keyboardist at National Housing Authority’s Annual Calypso Competitions from 1993 to 2003, organizing and supplying music scores, musicians and music band for rehearsals and shows. He also worked at the Trinidad and Tobago Government Institution as a Draughtsman from 1971 to 2001 before retiring.

As a volunteer, Allan also assisted teachers from St. James Secondary School and Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. School, in preparing students for their respective calypso competitions.

His experience also includes performances alongside Double Tenor Jazz Steeldrummer, Clyde “Lightning” George at the “Pan Institute” in Diego Martin and one in Chicago, USA. He had the honor of accompanying the Mighty Sparrow at shows in St Lucia, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto, Canada and shows with Kelly Greene’s “Harmony with Brass”, and accompanying calypsonian Baron at The St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

In Central Florida, Allan has performed alongside double tenor players John “Mr. Steel” Smith and the Orlando-based band “Tropical Steel” and also Mitch Warner at various cooperate and public events in Florida.

Mr. Oxley’s love for music and Steel Pan saw him providing community service to his neighbourhood “Pan ‘round the neck” Steel Band, Soul City. It was in this unit he tutored himself on the tenor pan and combined all his musical skills to begin composing and arranging for the Steel Pan. Besides Soul City, he also assisted the Entrepot Secondary School Steel Band of St. Lucia, WI in preparation for their performance at the World Steel Band Festival held in Trinidad and Tobago in 2002.

Allan has since migrated to the USA but had a profound experience while concluding a performance in Trinidad, which was a tribute to Aldwyn Roberts - The Grandmaster, the Lord Kitchener.  As a result of this, he composed his first song, “HEAVY ON PAN – (A Tribute To The Grandmaster)”. With his musical skills, he arranged and scored the music for the various instruments. He has put down all the initial tracks for his composition at his home studio. His lead vocals, background vocals which were done by Lyma Dunbar, a former vocalist with Shandileer, and the Steel Pan tracks by John “Mr. Steel” Smith of “Tropical Steel” of Orlando, Florida - were later added. In addition to those tracks, the mixing and mastering were executed by Smith at his production studio in Orlando.

In addition to this recording, Allan has arranged and fully scored a Steelband Panorama version of this song which he hopes to work with any steel orchestra who require his services as an Arranger in 2012. The parts scored are: High and Low Tenor, Double Tenor, Double Second, Guitar Pan, Cellos, Quadraphonics, Six/Nine/Twelve Bass. As a bonus, Mr. Oxley will also include in his contractual arrangement package with that steel orchestra, a fully scored “Bomb Tune.” A demo of these arrangements can be heard on request.

Allan aka “Heavy” can be contacted by phone:  1 (407) 508-2906 or email 

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