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‘The Pan is Great’

sung by “Web”
composed by Hamilton Alexander



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Verse 1

This lady from Sweden
came to Trinidad on vacation.
Ah tell you the lady
is an accomplished musician.
She could play the piano, the guitar
and the tenor saxophone;
The piccolo - and even the trombone.
Yes friends,
One time she heard a steel band
coming down the street
People by the thousand,
jumping to the calypso beat.
It’s the first time in life,
she hearing steel band.
The lady came to one conclusion.


The Pan is great, she say
The Pan is great, to play
What an invention by you Trinis
The Pan is great hear me
Make no mistake you see
It’s a gift from the Almighty
The Pan is great she say
I know its here to stay
This instrument is quite unique
Totally mesmerized
by the sound of the steel band
She had no choice had to jump in the band
The Sweden woman
If you see the moves
she making inside the band
Telling everybody, how great is the Pan.

Verse 2

Well as a musician,
she was excited about the steel band.
Count all the octaves,
from the tenors down to the bass.
Look she told me,
steel band is made up like a giant organ.
Any arrangement
could be played on the pan - You see
The cellos and second pans
and the tenors she say.
Will bring out
the mu-si-cal feelings in me any day.
She also like the tenor bass
and the grumbling of guitar pans
And for rhythm, she love the Iron section


Verse 3

Watching the performance,
totally impressed with steel band.
Said its terrific
music played by these musicians
She was bewildered
by the tonal quality of these instruments
Couldn’t help but make
positive comments - Yes friends
Heard about panorama,
that lovely competition.
Right away she start
practicing with a steel band.
Proud as a peacock she felt
playing this tune with the band.
People were singing
‘How great is the Pan.’

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“The Pan is Great”
Hamilton Alexander

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Hamilton  “Web”  Alexander
Hamilton “Web” Alexander

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Born Hamilton Alexander in Trinidad, the “Web” has over thirty-five years in a musical legacy that is distinctly Trinidadian. He joined the Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra in 1966, and after the 1967 carnival he became a staple player.

In 1968 he was elected as a committee member and in 1969 he became the Vice-Captain. Web was elected captain from 1971-1977. He also held the position of trustee and vice-president of the Steelband organization Pan Trinbago.

Web migrated to Canada in 1977 and immediately got involved writing and performing Calypso. In the calypso Monarch competitions in Montreal, he placed second on several occasions, and he won the title two consecutive years 2001 and 2002.

He has also been participating in the Canadian Calypso Monarch since 1981. He has been a finalist on numerous occasions and his highest showing so far is second place and fourth place twice.

Currently he is the Vice President of the Organization of Calypso performing artists, (O.C.P.A.) and was recently chosen to accompany Caribana on their prestigious tour to Hong Kong.

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