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‘Leave We Alone’

sung by Derek Seales
composed by Selwyn “Parry” Paul



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Verse 1

Ah writing, ah writing, ah writing, ah writing
Ah writing, ah writing, ah writing meh song
We singing, we singing,
We singing, we singing
We singing, we singing, we singing along.
My music is really terrific
My chord structure is boss
My melody line is fantastic
An de lyrics I use is prolific
But somebody out there, think dat I’m a fool
Dey trying to mash up my school
My school (x4)


Parry write dat song for we, Parry (x2)
Doh worry, doh worry ’bout nobody
Doh worry, doh worry, doh worry, doh worry
Write dat song for we
Look ah want to wine back
Back back, jam back
Ah want to give some folks heart attack,
Ah want to throw meh chassis and roll
Doh tackle me if you ole ’cause -
Yuh go dead (x6)
Yuh go dead dead dead
Oh mama, yes mama please stay in yuh bed
Please leave me, please leave me,
Please leave me, please leave me
Alone (x8)
Please leave me alone.

Verse 2

We playing, we playing,
We playing, we playing
We jamming, we jamming,
We jamming we Pan
We chipping, we chipping,
We wining, we wining
We jibbing, we jibbing, man an’ woman
We band it small with ah big sound -
You cyah find another like it around.
We take lot ah chances
With our arrangements
Dat is why we sound so magnificent
Because of jealousy -
Hate and jealousy in dis land
Dey trying to mash up -
My band (x5)


Verse 3

We sipping, we sipping,
We chatting, we chatting
We jumping here - and we jumping there
We eating, we eating,
We eating - rice & peas pelau
With our friends we share
Dis steelband ting ent no joke
Yuh have to be serious for it to work
Is hard work and plenty money
Sleepless nights, hard work and raw energy
To all those people, who think dat dey know
I’m telling you, they really don’t know
Don’ know (4)


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“Leave We Alone”
Derek Seales

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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For the 2012 Panorama season, Selwyn “Parry” Paul has written the track featured here, Leave We Alone, sung by Derek Seales. Parry is the leader of Parry’s Pan School, and the band is performing Leave We Alone as its tune of choice in the national Panorama competition.  

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