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‘Live It Up’

sung by K. Trotman
composed by Michael “Penta” Cupidore
lyrics by Alvin Daniell



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Live it up, live it up, live it up now
Live it up, live it up, live it up now
Live it up, live it up, live it up now
Live it up, live it up.

Verse 1

Whenever you wake in the morning
Say a l’il prayerr> Heavenly Father
Thank you for keeping me here
Say thanks, for another day of life
You may be facing turmoil and strife
Look at the beautiful flowers
And the tall trees
Appreciate that you witness
Wonders like these
Then rise and say, today this is my plan
To go forth and do the best that I can.


Live it up, you have one life to live
Live it up, you have one heart to give
Every day could be your last
Stop living in the past
Focus ahead come what may
Tomorrow’s another day

Live it up, and be positive
Live it up, don’t be negative
Keep on reaching for the top
Don’t give up and never stop
Enjoy the moment - just live it up.

Verse 2

Everyone is blessed with some talent
Given to use
Arranger, singer or player you have to choose
But if you, don’t want to use it
Then you might find that you will lose it
Think of the wonderful music
You can produce
Amalgamate all your skill put it to good use
Then you will find, the more that you do
More talent will be bestowed unto you.


Verse 3

Especially to steelband men,
Bold and gallant
Taking for granted you have a special talent
I implore you, to use it to the max
That is your legacy - face the facts
Think of the reaction
When you are on your Pan
Give thanks and praise
You give us good satisfaction
And more than that, it is your vocation
To earn you financial compensation.


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“Live It Up”
K. Trotman

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Michael “Penta” Cupidore broke away from Invaders and formed the band, Humming Birds Pan Groove. They first entered Panorama in 1981 and played “Pan is my Religion” composed by Michael. He is best known for his composition “Ray, Boogsie and Me” which he composed and arranged for the band in 1982. The band’s best placing was in 1992 when they came 6th playing “Steelband Paradise” a Ray Holman composition.

For the 2012 Panorama season, K. Trotman sings the track featured here, Live It Up, with music by Michael Cupidore and lyrics by Alvin Daniell, for Humming Birds Pan Groove’s tune of choice in competition.

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