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‘Pan In Yuh Face’

sung by Dianne Smith Saunders
composed by Dennis Smith

produced by Dennis Smith



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Verse 1

When I wake on morning
The cock start crowing
The day is dawning, thank God, I’m living
I need, to give, special thanks and praise
Is with the Pan I will start my days;
If the life you’re living,
There’s nothing giving
If your spirit woobly, depressed and lonely 
You need, a sound,
That will make your spirit soar
Pan in yuh face opens up that door.


Pan in yuh face, shining like a mirror
Pan in yuh face could make life more sweeter
You need, a sound, just to drive you on
Pan in yuh face filling up the place.

Verse 2

Once the music moves you
It tends to groove you
You’ll move like a jet plane
Refreshed all again
In life, you need, such a happy sound
Pan in yuh face is always around
Once your spirit climbing
And the music jamming
Now the world’s a-smiling
And life has meaning
If you, think life, has its ups and down
Pan in yuh face, better than a frown.


Verse 3

With the Pan in motion, complete devotion
Melodic lines sweet, sweep you off your feet
With Pan, you can, cast away all your fears
Don’t forget to mix Pan with prayers
Anytime you’re sad-face,
Know there’s a place
Where you can journey
A place to make you happy
Pan is, a tonic, it lifts you off the ground
It’s a music that’s so much fun.

Verse 4

Now you hear my story, this was Pan glory
I hope you enjoy it, this terrific music
Music, makes you, happy every day
With the Pan, you could dingolay... Oh yeah
Jamming on the big day
You could hear panmen say
The music so exciting; it tantalising
With Pan music, you won’t have no strife
Make Pan a special part of your life.

Chorus x2

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“Pan In Yuh Face”
Garth David

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith

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Dennis  Smith was born in Ste. Madeleine Village, South Trinidad, and comes from a musical family of seventeen children.

He has been playing the steel pan since the age of eleven, and over the years has become an accomplished musician/ composer/ arranger/ producer.  Smith has arranged music for Best Village Groups, Secondary Schools, Panasonic Connection, Hillside Symphony and Pan Elders Steel Orchestra.

In 1993 Dennis Smith was crowned the first soloist winner of the Pan Ramajay Competition.

Some of his accomplishments as a composer are Movement in ‘C’ Minor (which won second place in the Steelband Junior Music Festival in 1995), Congrats, Play Yuh Pan, Pan Unity and Pan on de Street. He has released two songs for Panorama 2012 - this one, Pan In Yuh Face sung by Dianne Saunders and Jump Up And Play Yuhself sung by Garth David.

For the past fifteen years, Smith has been touring the world entertaining thousands of people as a Pan Musician/Vocalist with The Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines.

Dennis is truly a Panman Extraordinaire.

Dianne Smith Saunders

Dianne Smith Saunders is a mother of three and also a grandmother of three. At a very tender age she was put on stage to sing at concerts and functions held in her area of Ste. Madeleine in south Trinidad. Her father was a musician and was the choir master for the choir in the area. Dianne - with her singing talent, sang classical songs like “Hallelujah Chorus” and “Elizabethan Serenade.”

Dianne is a member of the Ste. Madeleine Methodist Church Choir and was also a member of the now-defunct band “Earforce” under the leadership of Andy Joseph, who now arranges for the band Traffic.  She has participated in many competitions and the results were rewarding.

Dianne has entered the Calypso arena, mixing Pan and prayers with this song, Pan In Yuh Face, composed and arranged by her brother, Dennis Smith.

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