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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2012 - HOME

“Play on Mr. Pan Man”

sung by Ken Greene
composed by Ken Greene



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Verse 1

Is a unique Instrument
With great refinement
Oh yeah the Pan is excellent
With tuners getting little rest
Perfection being their quest
Ellie, Tony, Bertie, Spree
Butch and Guppy
In the panyard
Working so hard
Getting the note right, making it tight
All day and night
Man they sweating
While they sinking
They eh thinking about eating
While they blending.


Panman you keep playing
And keep on improving
Yeah the sky is the limit
Success wouldn’t come if you quit
Play on Mr. Panman, play your Pan
Play on Mr. Panman
Play on Mr. Panman, play your Pan
Play on Mr. Panman.

Verse 2

With great tonal quality
And played superbly
Pan has a great identity
Just give it a sweet melody
Blended with nice harmony
You can’t find a better sound
Than the steeldrum
Blend a tenor
With a guitar
Add a cello oh so mellow
Seconds follow
With a nice strum
Add the iron giving rhythm
Nah it’s too slow
Change the tempo.



Play on Mr. Panman, play on,
Play on, play on, play on
Play on, play on, play on.

Verse 3

Why only carnival time
We think pan is fine?
It really does confuse meh mind
We have to give respect to Pan
Embrace and encourage the Pan man.
A commitment must be met
Or we gonna soon regret
If you ain’t sure
They deserve more
And you don’t think this is unfair,
You not thinking clear
All them nice runs
Great progressions
So amazing entertaining



Repeat Bridge

Now after panorama
We must really care
We must preserve our culture
So doh leave the steel band behind
The music is good any time
Let the Panmen play their role
Playing music from their soul.
The pan movement and government,
Please be clever, get together
Share an idea
While you fighting
and bickering
Some believe that Pan is dying
But they lying.


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“Play on Mr. Pan Man”
Ken Greene

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Ken Greene
Ken Greene

Ken was born in the birthplace of the Pan.  He first played with Casablanca then Syncopators, Starlift and Phase II, before relocating to Bermuda, where he worked on the night club circuit with the Real Thing Steelband nine months of the year.  He then played on cruise ships, on their Caribbean run for the remaining months.

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He has toured Australia, New Zealand and performed several times in Canada and throughout the United states, where he resides playing special events on the private party circuit.  He has recorded two full CDs: Sweet Talking - with some covers and a few originals, and Dancers in a Dream with all originals. He also recorded a couple singles: Walk on By and an original Occasionally Smooth.

Ken is now bitten by the ‘Pan Song’ bug, composing and doing his own vocals with a touch of Steel.











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