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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2012 - HOME

‘Play Yourself’

sung by Crazy
composed by Clive Telemaque

produced by Pelham Goddard



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Verse 1

Play yourself, let them know,
That is you, in control
And you come out to have some fun.
And for all those who come out to participate,
This is the right time to celebrate.

This is it, ah big one,
All panists on display,
Always playing with their whole heart,
Captivating people in a musical rainbow,
So much pan players, in the world's greatest talent show.


Play yourself, play yourself
This musical event,
Is so much excitement,
This is the real contest,
To choose who is the best,
Twenty thousand panist,
Waiting whole year for this.
Hands moving like lightening,
Everybody swaying,
We come with ah big song,
To take over the town,
Old and young
We come out to shake the town.

Verse 2

Panist time, one big lime,
Panists on, center stage,
Spectators' great spectacle,
Musical rampage, to witness is a privilege,
So panists take full advantage.

In full flight, true delight,
True wonder, of the world,
Like a musical hurricane,
Coming from all over this musical island,
From generation to generation.


Verse 3

One big song, mash up town,
Music celebrations,
Hands like bolt with magical sticks,
Every performer
Create enchanting music,
So all pan lovers could embrace it.

What a time, time to love,
Pan players, spreading joy,
Putting a smile on everyone face.
Panorama always gives people a special feeling,
To experience a real musical romance.

Chorus    (repeat)

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“Play Yourself”
Clive Telemaque

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Clive Telemaque
Clive Telemaque

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Clive Telemaque has been playing Pan since 1972 when he was still a small boy. He started to play with Renegades Steel Orchestra on Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, and then went onto Trinidad All Stars in 1973.

Telemaque has travelled around the world a few times, visiting places like India, Africa, Japan, England, North Korea, the USA and many others. He has also performed in local competitions in his homeland of Trinidad, at shows, wedding parties and other occasions.

He is a past arranger for St. Margaret Boys Anglican School, winning three Junior Panorama competitions and also taking the Gonzales Sheikers to nine Panorama finals in eleven years. Telemaque composed a Calypso some years ago which was sung by Protector, who in turn went on to capture the Young Kings crown performing the selection. From 2000 Telemaque began working with the Carnival Cruise Line, and performed as a premier soloist on the vessels through 2010.

Calypso Crazy

Crazy - born Edwin Ayoung in  1944, on Maraval Road in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad of a Venezuelan mother and Trinidadian father of Chinese descent, was - in his youth - as skilled and competitive in his country’s national pastime of cricket, as he has been now for years as a world-travelled musician, performing artiste and composer.

On the Pan scene, Crazy sang one of the most popular ‘pan tunes’ in years; written by Amrit Samaroo, 2007’s Band From Space captured the imagination of the steelband music community worldwide, becoming the panorama selection for some, and part of the overall repertoire for others.

Edwin Ayoung makes his home in California on the USA’s west coast, with frequent trips back to the land of his birth.

Edited by C. Phillips

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