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‘Return of the Marsicans’

sung by Ajala
composed by Perry Martin



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Verse 1

Sammy loves Astronomy,
good friend and partner to me
Psychic for whom everyone that I know respect
A genius with more than an average intellect
One night he said -
’Jala I want you to hear
Some sweet music
coming from the upper atmosphere
That night we park
we self on a hill
and heaven opened its doors
Take a hold of yourselves now -
total shock and awe!


You could hear guitar pans
blending with sweet ‘G’ pans
Tenors … counting a dozen
then you add another dozen
And you end up with thousands -
It is for real what you feel
true feelings of carnival
In your face – In this space -
Shake your waist - It’s no disgrace
And as you sway to the beat
of the music so sweet
It is fun to be listening -
Pan sounding like violins
With harps of the highest quality
… but wait!
Those are familiar sounds to me,
ah have a feeling
It’s that Cosmic Symphony
A voice from in the past echoed
‘that’s the band!’

V1… Bet your hand - it got to be Marsicans!
V2… Trouble in Arima for Marsicans!
V3… Bet your hand it got to be Marsicans!

Verse 2

Sammy with hands on meh lap
Chill out! They making contact …
This here is the voice of Commander Ping
Earthlings -
from land of the famous three mountains
I want you to meet, Vice Admiral Pong
Here in your honor,
he’ll perform his Sonic Rendition
Talk about pan - in all its glory
coming just from one section
But the message we receiving
is total competition.


Repeat chorus

Verse 3

Grey clouds started to roll in,
lightly covering the scene
Behind, transmutation
was swiftly taking place
four aliens were standing there in grace
They were bidding
farewell with a special song
Tapped from my memory,
they were playing
‘Return of the Marsicans’; voices cried out
Take a message to all of mankind …
Creation is awaiting
the “Coming of the `Sons-of-Pan!’


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“Return of the Marsicans”
Perry Martin

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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PERRY MARTIN:  From his early teens Perry Martin would gather around with his friends to sing ‘Picong’ on hot, lazy summer vacation days and nights. They marveled at the genius of ‘Saga’ their favorite local singer and his unique ability to improvise and extemporize as each took turns in rendering their own compositions or favorite calypsos. They were all students of the historical Arima Boys’ Government School in Trinidad, from which the likes of the grand-master himself Lord Kitchener, Brigo, possibly Cypher and the Lord Melody came.

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The impact was evident so much so, Perry Martin, one who never seemed to have craved the so called lime-light, became a ‘shadow-writer’ in his late teens and early twenties … writing for a few striving singers at a time when the latter would not have even been considered true calypsonians, if it were to be discovered that they were not writing their own songs.

After an over extended sabbatical, Perry allowed himself to be persuaded by a long time personal friend Holly, and in ‘2011’ delivered his first come-back song, “Road Recipe.” Whilst Home Town Studios from which it was launched is seriously contemplating a re-release, Perry has quietly equipped a very hungry and super talented singer/performer, Ajala, with a winner. He has no doubt, he says, that the new cosmic-era which begins in ‘2012’ will most definitely be heralding The Return of the Marsicans!

Note: The calypso, “Marzicans” was originally sung in the year 1968 by the Lord Kitchener.

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