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‘Road Recipe’

sung by Garth David
composed by Perry Martin



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Verse 1

For many years I never knew
just what it took to make a special dream come thru -
I wrote the songs I wrote for long,
I sang soca, I sang picong …
I never won, I always lost
but now I’ve found
that all it took was me to sit down
and concede then write a song featuring …


Tenors on high -
Gs and Seconds Hi Fi -
Bass and Guitars on ice
And de Iron pounding …
licky tinny, licky tinny, licky tinny, licky tinny


Simple, very, very simple -
there should be no trouble with the melody
When you make the lyrics blend
with chords thru the end, set the music free
Make sure that you do not add more
than the tune can endure
And just let it be -
find basses in spaces, and chord running phrases
with brass in the skies -
pan music sounding so sweetly -
angelic symphonies playing on high …
this Road Recipe!

Verse 2

Arrangers if you care to chance,
this tune is well made for the brass and for the pans
it gives you space to improvise,
the tune has taste so realize,
you can’t go wrong - this tune belong
so just get on down -
it is the very reason for this season,
the tune to teach us all a lesson has …



Verse 3

Take to the streets on J’Ouvert morn -
jump to the beat that Kitchener had always borne -
music on high it’s all around,
You can’t deny this blessed song,
melodious, so contagious, made for all of us
jump up and revel on a higher level,
shake your rump whilst jumping to the …



Verse 4

Cock sure to win the crown this year
with nothing more than just the basics well prepared -
I took it up a notch or two
and made it hot for me and you,
Don’t disregard, it isn’t hard, just real super bad …
there is no unforgiving complexities,
all these notes are easy for the…



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“Road Recipe”
Garth David

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)
Copyright ©2012 (COTT)

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Garth David

What do veteran calypso artist Garth David and fine wine have in common? Like fine wine, Garth gets better and sweeter with time. Garth’s musical “brew” was concocted in 1978 when he launched his career as a vocalist. For the past 20 years he has been patient; “maxing and relaxing” and waiting for the right time to pop the cork off his career. Now his time has come! In his own words he says: “This is the high point of my career. Now that I’m on my own, I'll be going for the top.”

Garth has been an ‘up front’ and center stage performer and lead vocalist with a number of bands. His acclaim came in 1978 as a lead vocalist with Volts Express, staying 12 years with the band and releasing two records along the way - Brang-a-Dang Time in 1988 and We Come to Party in 1989. Five years ago he came to North America where his career was rejuvenated. He has since performed with well-known bands such as KC and The International and Impak 40.

His mentors are performers of the highest caliber: Sparrow, Shadow, Stalin, Rudder and Baron. A versatile performer, Garth is proficient at singing ‘anything’ but his personal calypso genre is social commentary “spiced with a party flavor.”

Garth has reached the pinnacle of his career as he teams up with gifted musician Vincent Harry for a soon-to-be released CD compilation, where Garth has also finally put his songwriting ability into full gear for two of its songs. Currently, Garth is the lead singer with The Brass Circle, led by soca pioneer Ed Watson. He is also a lead vocalist with Clarence Curvan and currently plays with Hometown Squad, New York.

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PERRY MARTIN:  From his early teens Perry Martin would gather around with his friends to sing ‘Picong’ on hot, lazy summer vacation days and nights. They marveled at the genius of ‘Saga,’ their favorite singer and his unique ability to improvise and extemporize - as each took turns in rendering their own compositions or favorite calypsos. They were all students of the historic “Arima Boys’ Government School” from which the likes of the grandmaster himself Lord Kitchener, Brigo, possibly Cypher and the Lord Melody came.

The impact was evident: so much so, Perry Martin, one who never seemed to have craved the so called lime-light became a ‘shadow-writer’ in his late teens and early twenties … writing for a few striving singers at a time when the latter would not have even been considered true calypsonians if it were to be discovered that they were not writing their own songs. After an over-extended Sabbatical, he allowed himself to be persuaded by a long time personal friend, Holly, and is now delivering his first come-back song, Road Recipe.

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