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‘Trinbago Yuh Sweet Fuh So’

sung by Trevor B
composed by Brian London & Trevor Barrow 



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Verse 1

Trinbago yuh sweet yuh sweet yuh sweet for so
I ain’t letting you go, I’ll give my soul for you
Yuh sweet, yuh sweet yuh sweet for so
And anywhere I go I’ll stand my ground for yuh
I want the world to know, I am in love with you
Cause without you I don’t know what I would do.
Yuh my sugar cake, my coconut bake, you’re my everything
Thing, thing, real thing


I can’t live without you no matter what I do
(Trinbago) yuh always on my mind, my love for you will never part
I can’t live without you no matter where I go
I got to have meh soca and calypso, that right
Once I am away from home

Verse 2

Trinbago yuh bless yuh bless yes God love you
Jewel of the Caribbean, other nations wish they were you
Yuh bless oh yes highly favour too
No hurricane we don’t want no war with you
All we have is soca , calypso, sun and rain
Beautiful people and beaches every where
You can party from the break of dawn to the next year
Trinbago you are the best oh yes, no stress, we bless

Verse 3

Trinbago yuh real nice real nice country a paradise
No matter where I die, my spirit will find its way back
Trinbago my home, my soul, my motherland
And I am proud to be a Trinbagonian
I does walk with my head rise high high high
And meh red white and black flag in the sky
I want the world to know where I come from
I’m a Trinidadian o yes I feel so bless, that’s right

Verse 4

Trinbago in spite of all the violence
Me ent care ah still love meh country to death
Ah little curfew will not hurt us now and then
If that’s what it takes to catch the bandits and them
I travel the world, visit everywhere
And none of them country I could compare with here
Trinbago people we really bless, give thanks, give praise
Everyday I say

Encore Verse

Trinbago doo-doo, what else can I tell you
Is fifty-seven years now I am in love with you
In spite of all the ups and downs
There is nothing, no one can come between us
You’re my callaloo, stewfish and coo-coo
Chicken roti, double with pepper too
Trinbago darlin’ you know I love you, cross my heart I do
Yes I do, yes I do love you


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Trevor Barrow

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)
Copyright ©2012 (COTT)

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Trevor B

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Recording artiste Trevor B is a versatile and dynamic performer. He possesses a strong dedication to his music and is comfortable in any musical genre - romantic, soca, reggae and R&B. He has consistently shown his ability to move away from a strictly soca format as demonstrated on his 2002 CD compilation “Before & Now,” showcasing Trevor B at his best.

As a youngster, his most enjoyable experiences were singing and playing the steelpan. He performed regularly on the popular television shows “Scouting for Talent” and “Aunty Kay Variety Show,” winning top honors and prizes on many occasions.  He went on to perform as a drummer and vocalist with the “Silverstone Steel Orchestra” and as a panist with “Antillean All Stars” before moving to Canada.

Upon arriving in Toronto, Trevor continued to pursue his musical career and worked with several bands around the city. He has recorded with reggae artists such as Bobby Zorro, Lazer Current, Devon Irie and Inspector Lenny; he has also worked with soca artists the likes of Ronnie McIntosh and Anslem Douglas.  Trevor B performed throughout North America and travels every year to the land of his birth, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, for the carnival.  In 2007 he won a Canadian Reggae Music Award and picked up an award at the Irie Music Festival in 2011.

Trevor B is also a very talented songwriter; he has penned all his material to date in addition to recording eight albums and two compilation CDs. He is poised to receive the respect and admiration of his peers and fans, and confident that his latest CD “Changes We Need” will carve a new path for his career. Trevor is now a member of the Kaiso Showkase Calypso Tent in South Trinidad.


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